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Official 50th Anniversary Logo

Many factors were important to the Angels when developing the 50th Anniversary logo. These considerations include:

  • The Gold Halo, signifying the club's Golden Anniversary. It also pays homage to the Gold Halo used in past Angel logos and uniforms.
  • The number 50, which sits predominantly beneath the halo to signify the key message of the 2011 season: celebrating 50 years of Angels Baseball.
  • The ribbon resting below to emphasize Angels heritage and celebrate the club's expansion in 1961 through 2011 prosperity.
  • Finally, the "A" logo and use of the color red emphasize the current era of Angels Baseball and brand imagery.
Angels Baseball 50th Anniversary

In addition to a Golden Halo on club lettering and team hats, Angel uniforms in 2011 also featured a commemorative 50th Anniversary patch on the right sleeve of Angel home, road and alternate red jerseys. The logo was also affixed to the left side of team hats.