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Timeline 1981-1990

August 4, 1985: For Rod Carew, hitting was his art, and he put the finishing touches on his masterpiece, when he collected his 3,000th career hit against his former team, the Minnesota Twins. more >

1982  - The 1982 Western Division Championship was accomplished by a team "made up of veterans with sore muscles, with tired arms, with drained emotions. This team, more than any other I've played on, had to push itself to grind out wins," summed up second baseman Bobby Grich. more >
1984  - Reggie Jackson's 500th Home Run: On September 17, Angel star Reggie Jackson became the 13th player to reach the coveted and exclusive milestone of hitting 500 career home runs. more >

Mike Witt's Perfect Game: On September 30 in Arlington, Mike Witt became the 13th pitcher in Major League history to toss a perfect game. At age 24, he was the fourth youngest ever to fashion such a gem.
more >

1986  - Angels win American League West: Bittersweet would be the best way to describe the Angels' 1986 season, one of the best in franchise history, but so agonizingly close to the ultimate goal of a World Series appearance. more >

Don Sutton's 300th Victory: On June 18, 1986, 41-year-old Don Sutton defeated the Texas Rangers for his 300th career victory which assured him a one-way ticket to Cooperstown. more >

1961-1970 | 1971-1980 | 1981-1990 | 1991-2000 | 2001-Present