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The Red Sox ended the 1931 season in sixth place in the American League, finishing out of last place for the first time since a seventh place finish in 1924. Despite this slight improvement, the Great Depression had fully set in and attendance at Red Sox games fell significantly in 1931.

The Red Sox

Record: 62-90, 6th in American League
Manager: John F. (Shano) Collins
Attendance: 350,975

Under Manager John "Shano" Collins, the 1931 Red Sox finished in sixth place in the American League, the first time since 1924 that the team hadn't finished in last place. However, despite the improvement, patronage at the ballpark fell by nearly 100,000 fans, though perhaps the attendance was also a reflection of the full onset of the Great Depression.

Earl Webb was the big story of the year. Building on his work in 1930, the Red Sox right fielder drove in a team-high 103 runs and led the club with a .333 batting average. He kept hitting doubles all year long and in a doubleheader at Fenway Park on September 17, Webb tied the Major League Baseball single-season mark during the first game and set a new record in the second contest with his 65th two-bagger of the season. He hit two more doubles by the end of the season, establishing a record of 67 that still stands nearly 80 years later.

Non-Red Sox Baseball At Fenway Park

1931 was a relatively quiet year for Fenway Park in terms of non-Red Sox baseball games, though the Boston Parks Department did hold their championship game at the ballpark on September 12, 1931.

1931 Non-Red Sox Baseball At Fenway Park
August 18Dorchester (Boston Twi League 4, Philadelphia Colored Giants 4 (tie, 9 innings)
August 21Boston Post Office Clerks Local 100 Team 8, All-Boston Police Team 3
September 12St. Thomas C. L. A. A. of Jamaica Plain 6, Maintenance of Lines of Edison Light Company 0 (Boston Parks Department Final)

More Than a Ballpark™

Soccer returned to Fenway Park in 1931, with the American Soccer League's New York Yankees downing Glasgow Celtic FC by a score of 4-3. Several amateur football games were also played at Fenway in 1931, with Boston College going 5-3 at the ballpark.

1931 Non-Baseball Events At Fenway Park
May 24War Memorial Service*
May 30New York Yankees 4, Glasgow Celtic FC 3 (Soccer)
September 26Boston College 26, Catholic University 7 (Football)
October 2Boston College High 6, Boston English 6 (Football)
October 3Boston College 13, Dayton 0 (Football)
October 9Boston College High 9, Boston Latin 0 (Football)
October 12Fordham 20, Boston College 0 (Football)
October 17Villanova 12, Boston College 6 (Football)
October 22Boston Latin 15, High School of Commerce 0 (Football)
October 22Boston English 20, Roxbury Memorial 0 (Football)
October 24Marquette 7, Boston College 0 (Football)
October 30Boston College 20, Georgetown 2 (Football)
November 2High School of Commerce 7, Mechanic Arts 6 (Football)
November 2Boston English 12, Dorchester High 0 (Football)
November 3Boston Latin 31, Boston Trade 0 (Football)
November 5Hyde Park High 26, South Boston High 7 (Football)
November 13Jamaica Plain High 13, Brighton High 6 (Football)
November 14Boston College 7, Centre College 0 (Football)
November 19Boston Latin 12, Mechanic Arts 0 (Football)
November 19Boston English 7, High School of Commerce 0 (Football)
November 22Boston College 18, Boston University 6 (Football)
November 23Boston College Football Workout
November 24South Boston High 7, East Boston High 6 (Football)
November 24Mechanic Arts High 19, Boston Trade 7 (Football)
November 26Boston Latin 6, Boston English 0 (Football)
November 26High School of Commerce 5, Dorchester High 0 (Football)

*Started in the 1910s, a late May memorial service coinciding with the Memorial Day weekend was often held at Fenway Park through the mid-20th Century.

May 30, 1931
 Yankees Conquer Celtic at Fenway Park

In one of the few games ever played at Fenway Park where a team named the Yankees was the home club, the soccer version of the New York Yankees defeated the legendary Glasgow Celtic FC before 8,000 fans.

Opening Day Preparations In 1934 (Credit: The Brearley Collection)