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Tweet 20

Tweet 20 March 28 - 4 days to Opening Day:
Dick Monfort, Rockies Owner/Chairman & CEO

@Rockies: #Rockies owner/CEO Dick Monfort is here to answer your questions for #RockiesTweet20

@Twilly7: Any upgrades planned soon?

@Rockies: During the workout day on Thur. the park will be open and fans can tour all the new featuresÂ…We spent over 2.5 million on park improvements during this offseason. Come see them!

@Twilly7: With such success in the Dominican Republic, do you see the Rockies expanding elsewhere to find talent?

Dick Monfort @Rockies: We scout everywhere. All Latin players we sign start at Dominican site. We have new Dominican site that will open Aug. 2012.

@Tulo92: How does this team compare to the other talented previous teams that have made the playoffs?

@Rockies: We expect this team to perform better than last year. We believe our bullpen will be our strength.

@csmith3168: How many Rockies games do you make it to in a season?

@Rockies: I usually make it to about 100-110 games during the season.

@WillRyan2: Why doesn't Coca-Cola share their Coors field suite with their employees?

@Rockies: I think that's a question to ask for Coca-Cola.

@Twilly7: What would be one aspect of your role as owner within the club that you think is unique or that most people wouldn't know you do?

@Rockies: Maybe not unique, but I worry a lot and I am very superstitious.

@COSportsZealot: 2.5 million on park improvements? Does that mean we are gunna win this year?

@Rockies: We better!

@AVaujhn: In the past, the Rockies have seemed hesitant to make big moves in the off season. What changed this year?

@Rockies: Not much different than what we have done. We simply wanted to lock up our own players.

@PS_Thomas428: How many wins will it take to win the NL WEST?

@Rockies: We think we need to win at least 90 games to win the NL West.

@IanWSmith3: Do you feel like Ian Stewart will take the next step this season?

@Rockies: That's up to Ian, but he has definitely come along well.

@ColoSportsDesk: I'm not saying the Rockies need an extra bat, but if it comes down to it will the Rockies make the move for one?

@Rockies: We will make a move as long as we don't mortgage our ability to be good for a long period of time.

@JJJDUB228: What are some of the upgrades to Coors field?

@Rockies: Coors Field has new digital boards and menus, new condiment stations. And 2 new points of interest. Come see them!

@Bura18: What do you think of the park in Tulsa ? Will you be at the game Wednesday ?

@Rockies: Will be there Wed. I was there last year and park is terrific. Wonderful place for our players to develop.

@KTGWRITER: If you could change/improve one aspect of the team at this point, what would it be?

@Rockies: We are going to play with our hand.

@broncosandrocks: Are there any plans for purple uniforms in the future?

@Rockies: There is some talk of changing them, but it won't be until 2012. Give us your feedback.

@PS_Thomas428: Our biggest rival is probably Arizona. But all our guys have their eyes on San Francisco

@Rockies: Our biggest rival is probably Arizona. But all our guys have their eyes on San Francisco.

@PoseidonsFist: How difficult was it for you to hear the Rockies could never win with you and Charlie as owners during the rebuild?

@Rockies: It wasn't difficult, but it was a challenge. And personally I like challenges.

@Adam_Greebaum: What are your plans to market the Rockies organization globally to eventually evolve the team into a national power?

@Rockies: We have a brand committee that meets weekly. We're focused on our brand and hopeful more exposure will get us there.

@N_Valiant: When is dollar beer night?

@Rockies: It's Thirsty Thursday's in Asheville.

@N_Valiant: Was Wigginton's right-handed bat a major reason for signing him? To give lefties Helton and Stewart a break every once in a while?

@Rockies: Wigginton's versatility and his big RH bat is why we liked him. We have found out he is a great guy.

@Bud_T: What time is the park open Thurs for workout day?

@Rockies: The park opens at 1:00 Thursday. We are expecting a great day and allowing fans a lot of interaction with the players

@Rockies: Thanks #Rockies fans for your interest. Looking forward to a great season. Hope to see you at the ballpark.