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Washington interview after Fall Classic Game 2
10/28/2010 11:44 PM ET
Q. Holland throws eight straight balls to those two guys and walks them on eight pitches, and has to throw a ninth ball before you got somebody up in the bullpen. How come?

RON WASHINGTON: Because I thought he would correct himself. I felt like he could finally get back in the groove. I certainly brought him out there to get Schierholtz out of there, and he didn't. I didn't expect 12 balls in 13 pitches. But it happened. You know, I wanted him to get Schierholtz, he didn't, and once he didn't get Schierholtz he wasn't a situational lefty, where I brought him in to get a left handed hitter. In that situation I wanted him to get that guy, but Holland has gone through other people before.

Q. When the game was kind of getting away in that inning did you consider bringing in Feliz before it started to get out of hand?

RON WASHINGTON: No, I didn't. I didn't at all.

Q. Can you explain your thinking on all those pitching decisions in that inning?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I wanted Holland to come in and get Schierholtz. It didn't happen. Then I brought in Lowe to try to get us a groundball to get out of the inning. He came in and he walked guys, also. We just couldn't find the strike zone. So the next step was to bring in Kirkman to try to get us out of it. It didn't seem like Lowe would have been able to do it and Kirkman eventually got it done after giving up a triple to Rowand.

Q. So it was simply taking your right hander out for a situational on Schierholtz?

RON WASHINGTON: Yeah, that's what it was, right there. We was in the 8th inning, then we're going to the top of the 9th. But it didn't work.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the lack of production from your big bats in both these games.

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I think that more or less has to do with the pitching we've been facing. You know, those guys were good, especially Cain tonight. We had some opportunities early in the ballgame to put some runs on the board, and we had the right people up there, and he made his pitches. That's what he does well. We just couldn't get it done.

I think you have to tip your hat to the pitching over there right now.

Q. The Rangers are now 0 11 lifetime at this ballpark. What is that all about? And when you saw that ball bounce off the center field fence, did you start to wonder maybe this is just not our place? Is there some reason you can't win here?

RON WASHINGTON: No, I didn't think that. I don't think we caught any breaks yet. There's still a lot of baseball left to be played. We certainly don't feel like we're defeated. We're heading home. They took care of us in their ballpark, now we're headed to ours. I wish it would have hit and gone in the opposite direction, but it didn't, so we just had to live with it.

At that point we just needed to execute, and we didn't execute. Cain knew what he was doing out there. He kept the ball away from Murph. Murph tried to hook the ball; he didn't. But all I can say is the past few times that I've been here playing against these guys, their pitching has been outstanding against us, and good pitching has always stopped good hitting.

Q. That's the reason you think you haven't been able to win at this park?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, of course we haven't scored any runs, also. You've got to score runs. That's the name of the game. We didn't put any on the board today.

Q. Can you explain what happened with C.J. Wilson and the sequence of that inning leading up to Uribe getting the hit?

RON WASHINGTON: I didn't understand the question

Q. C.J. Wilson came out

RON WASHINGTON: Yes, he came out because a blister opened up on his finger.

Q. And then you stayed with Oliver instead of O'Day at that point?

RON WASHINGTON: Yep, I stayed with Oliver because Oliver is not one of our guys that we bring in to face one batter and go out. He's able to go through the whole lineup. I thought he could make the pitches that he had to make to get Uribe. I thought he did. Uribe dunked one off on him, and that happens. He finished the inning and got out of it. I didn't in Ollie in just to get one out.

Q. You guys bounced back from your first loss in the ALCS and rebounded well. You're now down two in this series. What are the challenges you face?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, the challenge is we have to go home and we have to get a win. Colby Lewis has been outstanding for us and we're certainly confident when we get back to Texas we can turn this thing around. Just as they won two games here in San Francisco we can get back to Texas and do the same thing. We expect to do that. The clubhouse is still upbeat. We're still confident that we can get it done. We've just got to get on back to Texas and do that.

Q. Assuming there's a Game 6 do you think C.J. will be ready to pitch?

RON WASHINGTON: Yes, he will. This blister is something he's been dealing with all year. He'll put some glue on it and do whatever he has to do to close it up, but it just split on him tonight. I thought C.J. pitched well.

Q. Last night you said Vladimir would play in the outfield and also you said jitters weren't a problem. Today Vlad didn't play and today you volunteered that jitters were a problem. I wonder if there's any answers that you're going to change from tonight to tomorrow. Feliz maybe was going to pitch in the eighth after all? I was just curious.

RON WASHINGTON: It may change, but I run my lineup, and when I put it out there, that's what's out there. We'll see.

Q. We were told by a Rangers beat writer that the management would not consider asking Lee to go on short rest. I've been told previously that Lee was not going to go on short rest for anybody, and it was his decision. If he doesn't go on short rest, is it management's decision or is that Lee's?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I don't know where you get that from. I'm not privy to any of that, what you just said, so I can't answer it.

Q. Would you consider asking him to go on short rest?

RON WASHINGTON: I think we'll decide on that in house.

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