Posted 5/4/12 at 6:04 PM

Joe Maddon gives a speech in a bib

Most men wear a suit and tie when they give an important speech. But Joe Maddon isn't one to do things the conventional way. On Friday, the Rays manager spoke to the Tampa Chamber of Commerce wearing a bib.

But in true Maddon style, the eccentric move was for the greater good. Every year, the skipper hosts Thanksmas, which feeds needy Tampa Bay citizens during the holidays. Maddon wore a Thanksmas bib on Friday in hopes of using the Chamber platform to raise awareness for the event.

At this same luncheon last year, he allowed the Chamber to choose the lineup for that night's game against the Twins. The Rays won, so why not continue the trend? Friday's lineup is courtesy of a bunch of Tampa business leaders.

The jury is still out on whether the bib will be the next big fashion trend.

So how did the Chamber do?

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