Posted 6/13/12 at 12:52 AM

Twins score 11 -- with some help from this young Phillies fan

Twelve-year-old Phillies fan Jackson Oliver of Groton, S.D., may have helped the Twins score an extra run during the seventh inning on Tuesday night.

With two on and two out, Ben Revere sent a popup down the left-field line. Philadelphia third baseman Mike Fontenot tracked the ball towards the stands, but Oliver stuck his glove straight up in the air and snagged it. The youngster, who was visiting Target Field for the first time, said it didn't seem like Fontenot had a play on the ball -- although the video evidence may show otherwise. A few pitches later, Revere would single in the Twins' 11th run.

Somewhere, Moises Alou is shaking his head.

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