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Marlins 50/50 Raffle

The 50/50 raffle is a fundraising vehicle for the Miami Marlins Foundation to raise funds at Marlins Park during the season. At every home game, fans have the opportunity to play and win 50% of the net proceeds raised that day, with the remaining proceeds benefiting the Miami Marlins Foundation. Make sure you visit a 50/50 kiosk located in Sections 4, 17 and 26, or see the roaming sellers throughout the ballpark. Sales end in the 7th inning, so don't miss your chance to win big! Ticket prices are:
  • 3 for $5
  • 10 for $10
  • 60 for $20
  • 150 for $40
For more information, please contact 305.480.2550 or email

50/50 Raffle Results

There is no recent raffle data available.

Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity Raffle Prize