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2005 All-Star FanFest

The 76th All-Star Game
All-Star Game logo
Stars rock Motown Midsummer Classic
Baseball's brightest stars were on display for the 2005 All-Star Game at Comerica Park on Tuesday. Miguel Tejada, the 2005 Ted Williams All-Star Game MVP, led the AL to their eighth straight Midsummer Classic win with a pair of RBIs, including a solo home run.
This One Counts
• All-Star Game wrap:  56K | 350K
• Tejada goes yard:  56K | 350K
• All-Star Game postgame:  350K
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American League All-Star Miguel Tejada rounds the bases after hitting a homer in the second inning. Miguel Tejada
Miguel TejadaAll-Star Rewind:
A montage of lasting All-Star moments and images set to music.
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 56K | 350K
Miguel TejadaTejada named MVP:
Miguel Tejada is the star of the All-Star Game and walks away with the Ted Williams MVP trophy. 56K | 350K
Closing ceremonyClosing ceremony:
Check out the closing ceremony of the 2005 All-Star Game from Comerica Park in Detroit. 56K | 350K
Mark TeixeiraTeixeira goes deep:
In his first All-Star Game, Mark Teixeira blasts a two-run homer off Dontrelle Willis. 56K | 350K
Follow the All-Star Game
• Selig's Town Hall chat:   350K
• All-Star highlights:  56K | 350K
• Opening ceremony:  56K | 350K
• The national anthem:  56K | 350K
• Closing ceremony:  56K | 350K
• Buehrle fans three:  56K | 350K
• Ichiro's two-run single:  56K | 350K
• Rogers' All-Star appearance:  56K | 350K
• Gonzo's RBI double:  56K | 350K
• Cabrera's RBI grounder:  56K | 350K
• Lidge strikes out the side:  56K | 350K
• Catching up with Podsednik:  56K | 350K
• State of Nation:  350K
• State of the Yankees:  56K | 350K
• Next Stop: Shea  56K | 350K
• Andruw's homer:  56K | 350K
• Ortiz's RBI single:  56K | 350K
• Derrek smacks a double:  56K | 350K
• Livan, Lee pick off Ichiro:  56K | 350K
• Alou doubles:  56K | 350K
• Castillo shows his range:  56K | 350K
• Lee knocks in Castillo:  56K | 350K
• Lo Duca speaks with Stern:  56K | 350K
• Huttenberger at Comerica:  56K | 350K
Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby Bobby Abreu
Abreu's record-setting Home Run Derby
The fireworks started early in the 20th annual CENTURY 21 Home Run Derby. Venezuela's Bobby Abreu set a Derby record for most home runs in a single round (24) in the first round. He went on to set the overall record (41) and beat hometown favorite Ivan Rodriguez.
Home Run Derby highlights
• Home Run Derby wrap:  56K | 350K
• Abreu's day at the Derby:  56K | 350K
• Abreu discusses winning the Derby:  56K | 350K
• DDS Minivision 99¢: Own Abreu's 41 homers
• Digital Download: Own the Home Run Derby
Bobby Abreu Bobby Abreu
Bobby AbreuHome Run Derby Rewind
A montage of all the Derby homers and moments set to music.
• DDS Minivision 99¢: Own video
Billy WagnerWagner mic'd up:
Billy Wagner shares his thoughts while watching Bobby Abreu smash 24 homers in the first round. 56K | 350K
Manny RamirezManny mic'd up:
Manny Ramirez mic'd up and speaking Spanish as he watches Bobby Abreu bat in the first round. 56K | 350K
Miguel TejadaTejada mic'd up:
Miguel Tejada pals around with teammate Brian Roberts, Johnny Damon and his young son. 56K | 350K
More video
• Lidge, Billy Bob mic'd up:  56K | 350K
• Alter Bridge opens the Derby:  56K | 350K
• Ivan Rodriguez's first round:  56K | 350K
• Pudge's second round:  56K | 350K
• Ortiz's second round:  56K | 350K
• Hee-Seop Choi Round 1:  56K | 350K
• Carlos Lee's second round:  56K | 350K
• Andruw Jones' first round:  56K | 350K
• Teixeira's Derby debut:  56K | 350K
• Derrek Lee interview:  350K
• Morgan Ensberg interview:   350K
• Chris Carpenter interview:  350K
• Abreu's big first round:  56K | 350K
• Abreu's second round:  56K | 350K
• Abreu's final round:  56K | 350K
• Big Papi's first round:  56K | 350K
• Ortiz's Derby highlights:  56K | 350K
• Carlos Lee's first round:   56K | 350K
• Carlos Lee Derby highlights:  56K | 350K
• Jason Bay Round 1:  56K | 350K
• Teixeira's Derby highlights:  56K | 350K
• David Eckstein interview:  350K
• Joe Nathan interview:  350K
All-Star Sunday
 Casey Stern and Jonathan Mayo
XM Satellite Radio All-Star Futures Game
Justin Huber hit a two-run double and earned MVP honors as the World Team topped its U.S. counterparts, 4-0, in Sunday's XM Satellite Radio Futures Game in Detroit. Shin-Soo Choo homered, while nine World pitchers combined on a four-hitter.
Futures Game highlights
• Futures Game wrap:  56K | 350K
• Huber's two-run double:  56K | 350K
• Choo homers:  56K | 350K
• LaRoche goes 2-for-2:  56K | 350K
• Betancourt robs Upton:  56K | 350K
Huber 2RBI 96 Choo HR 96
Miguel MonteroMiguel Montero mic'd up:
We followed the Diamondbacks catching prospect in the hours leading up to the 2005 Futures Game.  350K put a wire on Diamondbacks prospect Conor Jackson as the hard-hitting first baseman participated in the 2005 XM Satellite Futures Game.Conor Jackson mic'd up: put a wire on Diamondbacks prospect Conor Jackson as the hard-hitting first baseman participated in the 2005 XM Satellite Futures Game. 350K
Mark TremontiMark Tremonti interview:
Casey Stern catches up with Alter Bridge's main man, Mark Tremonti, as he prepares to play in the Legends & Celebs Softball Game. 56K | 350K
Lastings Milledge 96Milledge, Brett talk to's Brian McRae has a dugout sitdown with Team USA's George Brett and Lastings Milledge. 56K | 350K
More video
• Futures Game skippers:  56K | 350K
• Loewen gets the out:  56K | 350K
• Encarnacion turns two:  56K | 350K
• Upton charges a grounder:  56K | 350K
Leading up to All-Star Weekend
All-Star Game logo David Ortiz
2005 All-Star Rosters Announcements
Watch how the rosters for the 2005 All-Star Game took shape.'s Peter McCarthy reveals the All-Star starters. You can check out the exact moment at their respective ballparks that Scott Podsednik and Roy Oswalt found out that they had made the teams through the All-Star Final Vote. Plus, a panel of Minor League experts analyze the Futures Game rosters.
All-Stars Revealed
• All-Star Game starters unveiled:  56K | 350K
• Podsednik is an All-Star:  56K | 350K
• Oswalt is an All-Star:  56K | 350K
Podsednik all-star 96 Oswalt All-Star 96
Futures players at Boys & Girls ClubFutures players at B&GC:
Futures players Justin Huber, Justin Verlander and Delmon Young help the Magical Builders fix up a Detroit Boys and Girls Club. 56K | 350K
Reggie JacksonDetroit's All-Star Game history:
Highlights and interviews chronicling the three previous All-Star Games in Detroit of 1941, 1951 and 1971. 56K | 350K
All-Star FanFestFanFest highlights:'s Ben Platt takes a look at Detroit's take on the annual All-Star Fanfest. 56K | 350K