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Tyler Matzek (Photo: Aflac)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Tyler Matzek
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Capistrano Valley (Calif.)
School Type:High school
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:185 lbs.
Report Date(s):3/11/09
Game(s):Orange Lutheran

Focus Area
Fastball:Matzek was 90-94 from the windup and 86-88 from the stretch, though he touched 92 and 93, adding and subtracting when he wanted to.
Fastball movement:It has average life. He kept it down in the zone, moved in to right-handed hitters and had some sinking tail.
Curve:He threw it between 71-78 mph. It was only good at around 76 mph and he would snap one off that was above-average on occasion.
Slider:He threw a spinning cutter that averaged 82 mph. Occasionally, he'd get out in front of it and spin it at 85-86 mph with some hard bite.
Changeup:He only threw a couple and felt for it a little.
Control:It wasn't pinpoint, but overall it was good. He left a few balls up in the zone. He tried to throw one curve for a strike and the harder curve to chase and was above-average with that
Poise:He was very business-like on the mound, focused on the task at hand. He seems to respond to the situation.
Physical Description:Matzek has a natural, athletic build with strength in his legs and hips. He's lean, but showed some good weight in his core area.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:He has everything you'd want to see within him, including at least three average or above pitches. When he wants to, he has a really good idea of how to pitch.
Weaknesses: Sometimes seems like he just does what he needs to do to get by. He may have been throwing to the gun too much in the past.
Summary:When Matzek is locked in, it's easy to argue that he's one of the -- if not the -- top high school lefty in this Draft class. With a fastball that reaches 95 mph and two different breaking pitches, he's got the tools necessary to succeed. The one knock is that it seems at times that he's just doing enough to get by. When focused, he really knows how to pitch and put away hitters. It's a package that should go pretty quickly on Draft day.