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Winter Leagues 2004-05
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Winter Leagues

Mexico's Billy Selby is congratulated by teammates after hitting a home run. (Claudio Cruz/AP)
Mexico captures series title
Mexico claimed the Caribbean Series title, winning two games, including a clinching 4-3 victory over the Dominican, during a "quadruple-header."  More >

Beisbol South of the Border

Gazing at Caribbean Series stars

Baseball in Mexico
From the origins of the game in the 1800s to the 1957 Little League World Series champions, the passion and enthusiasm for baseball in Mexico runs deep.  More >

2005 Caribbean Sights and Sounds
For The Love of the Game
Miguel Tejada talks about his passion for the game that keeps him playing in the Winter Leagues. 350K
Jonathan Albaladejo
The Puerto Rican starter talks about the importance of playing for his homeland year after year. 350K
Who's Buddy Bailey?
The American manager of Aragua Tigres helps develop the young talent of the Venezuelan League. 350K
A Mexican Icon
The native son is popular among his fans and teammates while playing for the host Mazatlan Venados. 350K

More Multimedia:
2005 Caribbean Series Results and Highlights
Mexican Celebrates Title
The hometown Mazatlan Venados and their fans react to winning the 2005 Carribean Series. 350K