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Negro Leagues
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Negro League Legacy

Negro Leagues Legacy

Test your Negro Leagues IQ
By Bill Ladson/

How much do you know about the Negro Leagues and their players? Answer these 20 questions and give yourself one point for every correct answer. Rate yourself as follows:

18-20: Barry Bonds
14-17: Bernie Williams
9-13: Rondell White
5-8: Desi Relaford
1-4: LaTroy Hawkins

1. Orlando Cepeda's father, Pedro, was on the roster of which Negro League team?
  A. New York Cubans
  B. Indianapolis ABC's
  C. Pittsburgh Crawfords
  D. Cuban "X" Giants

2. Match the Major League players with the Negro League teams they played for.

 A. Willie Mays   -->  
 B. Roy Campanella   -->  
 C. Monte Irvin   -->  
 D. Jackie Robinson   -->  

3. What position did Larry Doby play with the Newark Eagles?
  A. First base
  B. Left Field
  C. Catcher
  D. Second base

4. True or False: Satchel Paige pitched 55 career no-hitters during his 20 years in the Negro Leagues.

5. Which Negro League team did Nat Strong own?
  A. Atlanta Black Crackers
  B. Brooklyn Royal Giants
  C. Detroit Stars
  D. Newark Eagles

6. Who was the first team to lose the first-ever Negro World Series?
  A. Hilldale Daisies
  B. Kansas City Monarchs
  C. Chicago American Giants
  D. Indianapolis Clowns

7. In 1962, Buck O'Neil became the first African-American to coach in the Major Leagues for which team?
  A. Cardinals
  B. Cubs
  C. Senators
  D. Yankees

8. During his playing days, pitcher Satchel Paige played guitar for which bandleader?
  A. Duke Ellington
  B. Louis Armstrong
  C. Cab Calloway
  D. Benny Goodman

9. True or False: Willie Wells is the first Negro League shortstop to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

10. Who was the first Negro League player to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
  A. Josh Gibson
  B. Buck Leonard
  C. Leon Day
  D. Satchel Paige

11. How did Ted Radcliff earn the nickname, "Double Duty?"
  A. He led the Negro Leagues in doubles
  B. He was a player/manager
  C. He played football and baseball
  D. He caught the first game of a doubleheader and pitched a shutout in the second game at Yankee Stadium

12. In April, 1945, Negro Leaguers Jackie Robinson, Sam Jethroe and Marvin Williams were given perfunctory tryouts by which Major League team?
  A. Yankees
  B. Athletics
  C. Red Sox
  D. Dodgers

13. What was Dick Redding’s nickname?
  A. Choo-Choo
  B. Fastball
  C. Cannonball
  D. The Hammer

14. Match the Negro League player with his nickname.

 A. Dick Lundy   -->  
 B. Terris McDuffie   -->  
 C. Raleigh Mackey   -->  
 D. Martin Dihigo   -->  

15. Who was the person that organized the first Negro League?
  A. Rube Foster
  B. James Wilkinson
  C. Spot Poles
  D. Gus Greenlee

16. Who was Willie Mays' first manager in the Negro Leagues?
  A. Buck O'Neil
  B. Piper Davis
  C. Rube Foster
  D. Sam Bankhead

17. Who was the first Negro League Pitcher to play in the Major Leagues?
  A. Joe Black
  B. Don Bankhead
  C. Don Newcombe
  D. Bob Gibson

18. Hall of Famer Wilber Rogan didn't play in the Negro League until he was 30. What did he do for a living prior to his first game in the pros.
  A. Milk man
  B. Truck driver
  C. Played baseball for the United States Army
  D. Policeman

19. Who was the first Major League team to win a World Series with Negro League players on the roster?
  A. Dodgers
  B. Yankees
  C. Indians
  D. Giants

20. Who was the first Negro League Player to win to the Most Valuable Player Award in the American League?
  A. Larry Doby
  B. Luke Easter
  C. Elston Howard
  D. Frank Robinson