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Across the nation, games were played with a heavy heart as Major League teams resumed their seasons. But baseball did its best to help the healing of a wounded nation. And MLB and the Players Association each will contribute $5 million to a newly created Disaster Relief Fund.  Full Story>>

Special thanks to all the fans who contributed to the MLBPA Disaster Relief Fund. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

'We never forget': 56k | 300k

Photo Galleries: Day 1 | The Flag

 First Person

Terror strikes home for Figueroa
New York native Nelson Figueroa gives his first person views

New York, New York. Big city, big dreams.

I was awakened Tuesday morning by my brother, who called from Brooklyn, N.Y. I answered the cell phone only to find out the nightmare was just beginning.

"Planes crashed into the Twin Towers and into the Pentagon!!! WAKE UP!" he screamed.

I was, in an instant, as wide awake as could be. I turned on the television to see he wasn't joking.   Full Story >>

Denny Hocking: Baseball's the last thing on my mind
Kevin Tapani: A time to be with family
Jason Marquis: I have a job to do

  Other Ways to Help

Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW Please note: The Red Cross site is very busy. If you cannot reach the site and wish to make a donation, visit or Yahoo Store.
United Way: 212-251-4035
Salvation Army: 800-SAL-ARMY
Firefighters Fund
New York State WTC Relief Fund -- The Governor encourages all those wishing to donate funds to contact (800) 801-8092, or send donations to the New York state World Trade Center Relief Fund, P.O. Box 5028, Albany, NY 12205
Uniformed Firefighters Association Widow's and Children's Fund: Send donations to UFA, 204 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010

ballpark patriotism
Remarkable spirit and resolve were on display at stadiums across America as Major League Baseball returned to play Sept. 17 and 18. A collection of video, audio and photographs from each Major League game played on those days.


Schlegel: Like America, Baseball must go on

Gurnick: Baseball proved to be therapeutic Editorial: Our Flag

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Mann: Baseball's small, special role

Bauman: Baseball can assist in healing

Mayo: Resuming play is healthy but hard

Renck: A weekend for hugs, not spoils

Bauman: A time to mourn

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 New York vs. Chicago
Day 1 Listen Now!"The Star Spangled Banner" from Chicago

 Anaheim vs. Seattle
Day 1 Listen Now!"God Bless America" from Seattle

 Oakland vs. Texas
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 Baltimore vs. Toronto
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 Detroit vs. Minnesota
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 Kansas City vs. Cleveland
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nl multimedia

 Houston vs. San Francisco
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 Milwaukee vs. St. Louis
Listen Now!"God Bless America" from St. Louis

 Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
Day 1 Listen Now!"God Bless America" from Philadelphia

 New York vs. Pittsburgh
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 Chicago vs. Cincinnati
Day 1 Listen Now!"God Bless America" from Cincinnati

 Arizona vs. Colorado
Day 1

 San Diego vs. Los Angeles
Day 1

 Florida vs. Montreal
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