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MLB in the Community
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Baseball Assistance Team

Baseball Assistance Team

  • B.A.T. honors Clemente legacy at annual dinner
  • Think back to that first time you went to the ballpark and saw the players in person. You watched as your heroes dashed onto the field, dazzled you with their strength and power. They were larger than life, then. But now many of them face the harsher realities of life. Some have lost their physical abilities, many do not have money to pay the bills, so many are in need of some help.

    The Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) is in the helping business and we are dedicated to being there for our family members in need. Whether they were the batting practice pitcher who tossed you a foul ball, the shortstop who autographed your program or the Most Valuable Player whose statistics you memorized, we will, and have, helped them.

    The primary objective of the Baseball Assistance Team is to aid those members of the "baseball family" most in need. B.A.T. strives to provide a means of support to people who are unable to help themselves. Through charitable contributions from corporations, foundations and individuals, B.A.T. is there to assist those with financial, psychological or physical burdens.

    The History of B.A.T.

    The Baseball Assistance Team was formed in 1986, primarily by a group of former Major League Baseball players to help members of the baseball "family" who have come on hard times and are in need of assistance.

    B.A.T. recognizes that the lives of our heroes continue after their active careers end. For some, particularly those who played before the days of escalating salaries and generous pension plans, events and circumstances can become difficult and trying when the cheering ends.

    The assistance provided takes many forms. Health care, financial grants, rehabilitative counseling or whatever form is required to attain some type of comfort and dignity for former players and their families with demonstrated needs.

    B.A.T. is a 501 c(3) organization. As from the very beginning, all donations received by B.A.T. go directly to helping people. Donations can be made to:

    Baseball Assistance Team
    245 Park Avenue, 34th floor
    New York, NY 10167
    Toll Free: 866-605-4594