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09/12/2008 2:13 PM ET
@-bat music: Minnesota Twins
Metrodome sound system doesn't dampen enthusiasm
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The Minnesota Twins are doing it again: defying everyone's expectations and keeping it close in the American League Central despite a low payroll. They're also doing it despite muddy acoustics in the soon-to-be-vacated Metrodome that obscure the players' inspired walk-up music choices.

The Bigs List

The Twins' hitters are very much into their at-bat songs of varied genres and probably can't wait to hear them played loudly over what surely will be a state-of-the-art sound system in their long-awaited new open-air ballpark in downtown Minneapolis in 2010. For now, they make do in the Metrodome. has been getting to the bottom of the Major League tradition of walk-up music all season long by going from clubhouse to clubhouse and soliciting cutting-edge commentary from the players, the organizational brass, and some of the best music critics in the business. Song choices have changed over the course of the 2008 campaign for various -- and often superstitious -- reasons, but rest assured that we've been featuring the songs straight from the players' plate play lists at press time.

Here's what you (barely) hear in the Metrodome from the Twins:


Denard Span, RF

Song: "Go Crazy" by Young Jeezy
Span: "At the time, it was the only thing I could think of. For some reason, that one stuck. They don't even play it that loud. If I'm feeling good at the plate, I don't think the song is the reason. If I didn't have a song, I think I'd be fine anyway."

Brendan Harris, IF

Song: "Tambourine" by Eve; "Cherry Pie" by Warrant
Harris: "I always come out to '80s hits and a newer up-tempo song. Last year it was 'Sweet Child O'Mine' (by Guns N' Roses) and this year it's these two. It's kind of different and nobody has them. It doesn't really matter in the Metrodome anyway, though. The acoustics are pretty bad and you can barely hear it."
Critic commentary: "I'll try really hard here not to make Tawny Kitaen jokes and simply ask what on earth the whole cherry-pie-as-analogy thing has to do with batting, as well as what self-respecting man would admit to buying Eve albums? Are we sure this 'Brendan Harris' is a real person?" -- Whitney Pastorek, Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly

Joe Mauer, C

Song: "Joe Mauer Theme Song" by A&R
Mauer: "A buddy of mine wrote it and performed it. He made me a song. I was joking around with him about it, but he ended up doing it. It's rap. The part I play doesn't have a whole lot of words, but it sounds really good. He did a really good job on it. I wouldn't use it if it wasn't any good."
Critic commentary: "Wait. Come again? You have your own theme song? Manny Ramirez doesn't have his own theme song, and he's as close to an action hero as the game's got right now. I mean, I like square-jawed and sideburned catchers as much as the next girl, but -- you have your own THEME SONG???" -- Whitney Pastorek, Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly

Justin Morneau, 1B

Songs: "Big Gun" by AC/DC
Morneau: "The first one I ever used was 'Back in Black' in the Minor Leagues and then I used that the first couple years in the big leagues. I went to 'Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution,' then went to 'Highway to Hell,' and this year I switched to 'Big Gun.' It's always something AC/DC because that's what we used to listen to before hockey games to get fired up."
Critic commentary: "Congrats, Justin. You won the Home Run Derby and you have good taste in music. Please stop being so perfect." -- Whitney Pastorek, Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly

Jason Kubel, DH

Songs: "Click Click Boom" by Saliva
Kubel: "They just play the beginning, but that's the best part. It kind of gets me going. And I'm hitting a little better at home than I usually do, so maybe it's working."

Delmon Young, LF

Song: "I'm Me" by Lil Wayne
Critic commentary: "Maybe it's just me, but I can't think of Delmon Young without including his fake IM name on The Dugout (DudeYerGettinADelmon) and his penchant for mixing it up with Triple-A umpires. If you can generate that much notoriety before ever really making an impact in the majors, you 100 percent get to use this song. Nicely done." -- Whitney Pastorek, Senior Writer, Entertainment Weekly

Brian Buscher, 3B

Songs: "La Grange" by ZZ Top
Buscher: "It's classic rock. It gets you going, I guess. I can't even remember why I picked it."

Carlos Gomez, CF

Songs: ""Dime Que Te Paso" by Wisin y Yandel
Gomez: "I like the feeling of the melody. It moves me. It reminds me of home."

Doug Miller is a Senior Writer for Kelly Thesier is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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