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Thursday, April 1, 2010:
Coghlan, LF3021001.329
a-Murphy, Do, PH-SS1010000.351
Maybin, CF3000124.300
Galloway, LF0000000.000
Uggla, 2B4010012.197
1-Torres, T, PR-2B0000000.000
Cantu, 3B3020000.327
Sanchez, G, 1B1010000.364
Paulino, R, C4000014.358
Hensley, P0000000.000
Helms, 1B-3B4000012.241
Barden, SS2120000.375
Petersen, B, RF2000000.284
Bonifacio, E, RF-SS-CF4220001.281
Robertson, N, P2011001.500
Davis, B, C1000000.222
a-Singled for Coghlan in the 7th. 1-Ran for Uggla in the 8th.
Schumaker, 2B2010000.203
Lopez, F, SS1000101.207
Ryan, B, SS2000002.250
Craig, 1B1000102.310
Pujols, 1B2000002.302
Solano, D, 2B-3B2000002.519
Holliday, LF2000011.300
Henley, LF1000100.316
Ludwick, RF2110000.333
Mather, RF-CF2000001.213
Rasmus, Col, CF2000021.353
Boggs, P0000000.000
b-Cazana, PH1000010.500
McClellan, P0000000.000
Franklin, P0000000.000
d-Cruz, T, PH1000001.000
Freese, 3B3011000.294
Anderson, B, C0000000.000
Pagnozzi, C2000010.280
c-Descalso, PH-2B1000011.500
Penny, P1000010.000
a-Stavinoha, PH-RF2000011.345
a-Reached on error for Penny in the 6th. b-Struck out for Boggs in the 7th. c-Struck out for Pagnozzi in the 8th. d-Grounded out for Franklin in the 9th.

2B: Barden 2 (5, Penny, Penny).
TB: Bonifacio, E 2; Cantu 2; Coghlan 2; Robertson, N; Sanchez, G; Uggla; Barden 4; Murphy, Do.
RBI: Coghlan (11); Robertson, N (1).
2-out RBI: Robertson, N.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Uggla; Coghlan; Maybin.
SAC: Robertson, N.
GIDP: Helms; Paulino, R; Uggla.
Team RISP: 3-for-10.
Team LOB: 6.

SB: Maybin (3, 2nd base off Penny/Pagnozzi); Bonifacio, E (1, 2nd base off Boggs/Pagnozzi).
CS: Maybin (1, 2nd base by Penny/Pagnozzi).

E: Helms 2 (2, fielding, fielding).
PB: Paulino, R (2).
DP: 2 (Barden-Uggla-Helms; Helms-Uggla-Sanchez, G).

2B: Ludwick (7, Robertson, N).
TB: Freese; Ludwick 2; Schumaker.
RBI: Freese (11).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Craig.
GIDP: Pujols; Solano, D.
Team RISP: 0-for-5.
Team LOB: 5.

SB: Ludwick (2, 3rd base off Robertson, N/Paulino, R); Lopez, F (6, 2nd base off Robertson, N/Paulino, R); Freese (1, 2nd base off Hensley/Davis, B).

E: Pagnozzi (2, throw).
DP: 3 (Freese-Schumaker-Pujols; Schumaker-Ryan, B-Pujols; Lopez, F-Solano, D-Craig).

Robertson, N(W, 3-1)7.02111603.04
Hensley(S, 1)2.01002200.49
Penny(L, 2-1)6.07221305.40
WP: Penny.
Groundouts-flyouts: Robertson, N 11-3; Hensley 3-1; Penny 11-3; Boggs 2-0; McClellan 2-0; Franklin 0-1.
Batters faced: Robertson, N 24; Hensley 9; Penny 23; Boggs 6; McClellan 4; Franklin 3.
Umpires: HP: Jason Bradley. 1B: Ed Rapuano. 3B: Angel Hernandez.
Weather: 74 degrees, Sunny.
Wind: 3 mph, L To R.
First pitch: 12:08 PM.
T: 2:35.
Att: 7,217.
Venue: Roger Dean Stadium.
April 1, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media