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Security Measures
In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our fans, the following security procedures are in place:

All bags and hand-carried items will be searched.
Items can be no larger than 16"x16"x8"

  • The Mets reserve the right to inspect all vehicles and fans entering Shea Stadium grounds to determine which items are appropriate for admission. This inspection may include the use of hand-held metal detectors and hand searches of individuals and carried items.
  • Prohibited Items - Items larger than 16"x16"x8", coolers (hard-sided), cans, glass bottles, beverage containers, commercial audio/video equipment, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, laser pointers, noisemaking devices, fireworks, animals (except for assistive purposes) and weapons.
  • Permitted Items - Items meeting the size requirements, diaper bags (with children), clear plastic bags, sealed plastic bottles.
  • There are no bag-check facilities.
  • Only vehicles dropping off disabled fans will be permitted curbside. Vehicles will not be permitted to stand.
  • As these procedures may result in delays entering the stadium, we encourage you to arrive early. Normally, gates open 1½ hours prior to game time and Gate C opens 2½ hours prior to game time for those wishing to enjoy pre-game activities.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The New York Mets