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Yankees Ballpark Chronology

1903-12: Hilltop Park

168th Street and Broadway, Manhattan

Capacity: 16,000 (plus up to 15,000 standing room)

Dimensions: Left field: 365 feet; center field: 542; right field: 400.

The site has been occupied by the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center since the 1920s.

The team was known as the Hilltoppers for the first several years it played at Hilltop Park. As early as 1905, however, the name "Yankees" began popping up in newspapers whose editors undoubtedly were searching for a shorter name for their headlines. By the time the franchise moved to the Polo Grounds in 1913, it officially changed to the New York Yankees.

Polo Grounds IV, shown in 1954. (AP)
1913-22: Polo Grounds IV

155th Street and 8th Avenue, Manhattan

Capacity: 34,000

Also home for the NL's New York Giants from 1911-1957.

Yankee Stadium, 1960 World Series (AP)
1923-73: Yankee Stadium I

161 Street and River Avenue, Bronx

First game: April 18, 1923, a 4-1 win over the Boston Red Sox in which Babe Ruth made an error and hit a three-run homer.

First night game: May 28, 1946

Home to the New York Football Giants from 1956 through 1973.

Hosted 30 boxing championship fights between 1923 and 1940.

Hosted Army-Navy football game 22 times between 1923 and 1969.

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1974-75: Shea Stadium

126th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing

Capacity: 55,300

The Yankees shared Shea Stadium in Queens with the New York Mets for two seasons while Yankee Stadium was renovated.

Yankee Stadium, 1996 (AP)
1976-2008: Yankee Stadium II

161 Street and River Avenue, Bronx

Opened: April 15, 1976, an 11-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins

Capacity: 57,545

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Yankee Stadium, 2009
2009-Present: Yankee Stadium

East 161 Street and River Avenue, Bronx

The ballpark in the Bronx opened April 2, 2009, when the Yankees hosted a workout day in front of fans from the Bronx community. The first game at the new Yankee Stadium was a preseason exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs played on April 3, 2009, which the Yankees won 7–4.

Capacity: 52,325

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