Your credit is good for concessions and merchandise at PNC Park
March 28, 2019
Dear [Name],

The Home Opener is right around the corner and we wanted to provide an update regarding your BUC$ Back.

You currently have the amount listed below in BUC$ Back loaded on your Season Ticket Holder card:

[Amount(s) for Account Number(s)]

You can access your BUC$ Back credit on your physical Season Ticket Holder card or digital version of your STH card. Your digital STH card will be visible on the Pirates tab, under Pirates Insider of the MLB Ballpark app once you have downloaded and linked your accounts. For easy step-by-step instructions on how to download and link you accounts, please visit our Digital Ticketing Lineup.

Beginning with the Home Opener on April 1, your BUCS Back value is good for concessions and merchandise throughout PNC Park and will be available for every home game until it expires on Tuesday, December 31.

To check your balance throughout the season, simply visit any concession stand with your Season Ticket Holder card - either your physical card or via the MLB Ballpark app.

Thank you for being a loyal Season Ticket Holder. We look forward to seeing you at the Home Opener on Monday, April 1.
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