Jeter's Leaders member since 2011

In a word or phrase, what does leadership mean to you? To me leadership means to go beyond regular expectations, to be mature and respectful to others, and also to be a responsible role model.

Why did you join the program? I joined the program because I wanted to be around people who have high goals and high expectations for themselves. I wanted to go tour different places and see different colleges and have a better idea of what college I want to attend.

What do you hope to gain from the program? I hope to gain independence and learn how to be able to be responsible for myself. I also hope to gain knowledge about the future and how hard it's going to be when I get older.

What is or do you think will be your favorite part of the program? I enjoy the trips because we get to go to different places and see different things. We get to have different experiences and be able to tell someone that we've been to all of these different places.