Jeter's Leaders member since 2010

In a word or phrase, what does leadership mean to you? Initiative.

Why did you join the program? I joined Jeter's Leaders for the many opportunities, such as college tours, public speaking workshops, and of course the people I could meet. The program is a great way to meet new people that will help me in the future.

What do you hope to gain from the program? I am hoping to gain a lot of confidence. I am also hoping to gain knowledge about college. I expect to be able to strive for better opportunities in life. I think I will surprise myself on the things that I can do while in this program.

What is or do you think will be your favorite part of the program? I think graduating is going to be my favorite part of the program because I'm going to have the feeling of success, where I not only graduate high school with high grades, but also graduating the Jeter's Leaders program with experiences of a lifetime.