Jeter's Leaders member since 2010

In a word or phrase, what does leadership mean to you? Leadership means showing the world what's right and wrong. It means stepping up and guiding others into a positive way in life. Helping others and showing that care is what leadership means to me.

Why did you join the program? I joined the program to make new friends and to also see the country a bit more. I joined so I could get the background and edge when I apply to colleges. The program seemed like it was making a difference, I wanted to be a part of that.

What have you gained from the program? I hope to gain knowledge and courage so I can face the world as I grow up. I want to gain those experiences and long-lasting friendships.

What is your favorite part of the program? So far my favorite part has been the Leadership Conference in Florida. I met so many wonderful people and I made an impact. It was very humbling and fun. I also enjoy mentoring. I love hanging out and helping the kids. They deserve out time and I'm always happy to help. I know I'll gain more favorites as I continue through the program, but so far everything has just been amazing.