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Turn 2 After-School Program

The Turn 2 Foundation and the New York City Parks and Recreation Department formed a partnership in 2000 to administer four free after-school programs (from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday) that reach nearly 300 children, ages 6-13, throughout New York City. Each day students are welcomed with a healthy snack, followed by help with their homework. The Turn 2 New York after-school programs offer local youth activities in cultural and visual arts, physical fitness, drug and alcohol awareness, environmental issues, computer literacy, academic enrichment, safety and nutrition. These activities strive to carry out the NYC Parks and Recreation Department's mission to enable the children to lead physically active lives through sports, fitness and outdoor adventure, while also fulfilling the Turn 2 Foundation's mission by supplying signature programs with activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and "Turn 2" healthy lifestyles.

Jackie Robinson Recreation Center
St. John's Recreation Center
St. James Recreation Center
Sorrentino Recreation Center

Jeter Meter
This year marked the third year of Turn 2's Jeter Meter program at the after-school sites. This incentive-based program, administered in partnership with New York Road Runners, aims to promote healthy lifestyles and physical fitness through walking or running at least 1-2 miles per week. The participants receive prizes for their efforts and compete between age groups in their site, as well as the other sites. Each youth's goal is to accumulate 26.2 miles per program year, or a marathon.

Jeter's Leaders Mentoring
Members of the New York Jeter's Leaders program visit the youth of each Turn 2 after-school program numerous times throughout the program year to facilitate mentoring activities. Older students are paired with younger students to enhance learning experiences, build lasting relationships and model positive behavior.

Camp Program
Each summer, outstanding students from each site are nominated to attend Turn 2's camp program. This year, 35 children attended one of four overnight camps for one, two or three weeks, offering swimming lessons, arts and crafts, athletics, horseback riding, hiking and new friendships.

Global Arts to Go
Choosing from a variety of topics in music, dance and arts, the Global Arts to Go program allows the after-school coordinators to build a unique artistic and musical curriculum based on the interest of the students. Programs offered include international dance, hip-hop and global dance, among many others. Instructors visit each of the four after-school sites numerous times throughout the year to not only teach the students new artistic dances and skills, but about the heritage of the communities as well.

After-School Showcase
To culminate an exciting year, each site hosts an Annual End-of-the-Year After-School Showcase in June. Families and peers will be able to see the skills the students developed over the course of the year. The showcases consist of dance, drama and musical performances, in addition to a presentation of the artwork created by the children throughout the year.

Turn 2 After-School 2011-12 Program Year

Harlem - New York, N.Y.

The Turn 2 After-School Program at Jackie Robinson Recreation Center provides its participants with a productive nurturing environment that helps the students grow in a positive manner. Throughout the 2011-12 program year the children would begin their day with a healthy snack and homework assistance before moving along to various other activities. One of the highlights of the 2011-12 program year was the performance the children put on for their friends and family in celebration of Black History Month. The children rehearsed for weeks leading up to the performance and also designed and printed their own silk screen T-shirts.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

St. John's Recreation Center is one of Turn 2's largest after-school programs with 90 participants registered. Participants took part in many wonderful activities throughout the 2011-12 program year, with the goal of helping to make them well-rounded individuals. Some of the activities included dance, percussions lessons, tutoring sessions, Jeter Meter, Urban Environment classes and the Learn 2 Swim program. One of the main goals at St. John's is to promote active and healthy bodies. Throughout the year the students regularly took trips to a nearby track to go on jogs, work on breathing exercises and learn various elements of track and field. They also incorporated dance and yoga as a fun way to promote healthy lifestyles.

Bronx, N.Y.

The 2011-12 program year was a very exciting one filled with many fun activities for the participants of Turn 2's After-School Program at St. James Recreation Center. The staff at St. James has developed a support system to encourage the students strive to be the best that they can be. They also give them many options for discovering new and interesting activities. In 2011-12, one of those activities was the media program. With help from the staff, students put together a short scary movie that they wrote, directed and starred in themselves. Once the media project was complete, the students were proud to share their hard work with the rest of the after school participants. St. James also encourages the arts by having students participate in an annual holiday celebration performance for their friends and families.

Far Rockaway - Queens, N.Y.

The 2011-12 program year was quite a year for participants of Turn 2's After-School Program at Sorrentino Recreation Center in Far Rockaway, N.Y. Filled with many fun trips and activities, it was a memorable year for all involved. Throughout the year the students were able to experience new things such as trips to the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, as well as trips to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and a fabulous trip to see "The Lion King" on Broadway. Participants also took part in many sports activities throughout the year like street hockey, basketball and soccer tournaments. By the end of the year, the staff was able to accomplish their goal of exposing participants to different parts of New York and new and fun activities and sports.

Turn 2 After-School 2010-11 Program Year
Turn 2 After-School 2009-10 Program Year

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