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MLB.TV Help Center

MLB.TV Bandwidth Test

This test will measure your download rate from our servers to give you a recommendation as to whether or not your internet connection is fast enough to support MLB.TV and Gameday Audio Streams.

To take the speed test, click on the START icon below and wait for your results.

For the most accurate results, stop any media currently playing and other high bandwidth applications before starting the test.

Minimum Recommended Bandwidth Requirements Gameday Audio: 512 Kbps
MLB.TV SD: 1800 Kbps
MLB.TV HD: 3000 Kbps
*MLB.TV 60 frames per second HD Streams: 5000 Kbps

*High Quality streaming allows you to access up to 5 Mbps streams with 60 frames per second on select devices. Network and data rates may apply.

For additional information about network connections and trobleshooting, please check our Network Troubleshooting FAQ.