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Juice 12's dominate 12U championship
Rays reminded of son's scare
Juice 12's squeeze their way into final
Southeastern Lexington advances to 12U final
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'Team Texas' punches 12U nationals ticket
AAU 10U, Super Series 12U crown champs
First participants determined for NYBC
NYBC seeding draw held at U.S. Cellular
New tourney to crown youth baseball champ

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DateTimePoolRoundMatchup/Result *Live
8/2110:30 a.m.ADay OneMarshals (Super Series) 4, S. Jaguars (NABF) 11
8/2112:45 p.m.BDay OneTomateros de California (USSSA) 10, McComb, Miss. (Dixie) 0
8/213:00 p.m.ADay OneBrooklyn Bonnies (AABC) 1 vs. Juice 10s (AAU) 14
8/215:30 p.m.BDay OneTamiami Playmakers (PONY) 14 vs. Kenner, La. (Babe Ruth) 1
8/2210:00 a.m.ADay TwoJuice 10s (AAU) 7 vs. Marshals (Super Series) 5
8/2210:00 a.m.BDay TwoKenner, La. (Babe Ruth) 3 vs. Tomateros de California (USSSA) 22
8/2212:30 p.m.ADay TwoS. Jaguars (NABF) 8 vs. Brooklyn Bonnies (AABC) 5
8/2212:30 p.m.BDay TwoMcComb, Miss. (Dixie) 5 vs. Tamiami Playmakers (PONY) 9
8/226:30 p.m.ADay TwoMarshals (Super Series) 8 vs. Brooklyn Bonnies (AABC) 2
8/226:30 p.m.BDay TwoTomateros (USSSA) 14 vs. Playmakers (PONY) 2
8/229:00 p.m.ADay TwoS. Jaguars (NABF) 3 vs. Juice 10s (AAU) 5
8/229:00 p.m.BDay TwoMcComb, Miss. (Dixie) 14 vs. Kenner, La. (Babe Ruth) 2
8/2310:00 a.m.ASemifinalJuice 10s (AAU) 8 vs. Tamiami Playmakers (PONY) 7
8/2312:30 p.m.BSemifinalTomateros de California (USSSA) 8 vs. S. Jaguars (NABF) 5
8/237:00 p.m.FinalTomateros de California (USSSA) 7 vs. Juice 10s (AAU) 6

DateTimePoolRoundMatchup/Result *Live
8/2210:00 a.m.ADay OneGiants (Super Series) 3 vs. Blossom Valley (PONY) 9
8/2210:15 a.m.BDay OneE. Cobb Astros (NABF) 0 vs. Stingrays (USSSA) 11
8/2212:30 p.m.ADay OneJuice 12s (AAU) 6 vs. Lexington, Ky. (Babe Ruth) 7
8/2212:45 p.m.BDay OneGresham Park (AABC) 7 vs. Texarkana (Dixie) 1
8/226:30 p.m.ADay OneBlossom Valley (PONY) 9 vs. Juice 12s (AAU) 10
8/226:45 p.m.BDay OneTexarkana (Dixie) 6 vs. E. Cobb Astros (NABF) 7
8/229:00 p.m.ADay OneLexington, Ky. (Babe Ruth) 4 vs. Giants (Super Series) 7
8/229:15 p.m.BDay OneStingrays (USSSA) 6 vs. Gresham Park (AABC) 2
8/236:30 p.m.ADay TwoGiants (Super Series) 1 vs. Juice 12s (AAU) 5
8/236:30 p.m.BDay TwoE. Cobb Astros (NABF) 3 vs. Gresham Park (AABC) 2
8/239:00 p.m.ADay TwoBlossom Valley (PONY) 4 vs. Lexington, Ky. (Babe Ruth) 6
8/239:00 p.m.BDay TwoStingrays (USSSA) 9 vs. Texarkana (Dixie) 3
8/241:00 p.m.ASemifinalSE Lexington (Babe Ruth) 8 vs. E. Cobb Astros (NABF) 1
8/24TBDBSemifinalNorwalk Stingrays (USSSA) 4 vs. Juice 12s (AAU) 5 (9 innings)
8/24TBDFinalSE Lexington (Babe Ruth) 1 vs. Juice 12s (AAU) 12

All Times ET

* The icon denotes the NYBC games that will be streamed live. The live video streams will begin at or around each game's start time and you may click the graphic when it appears at the top of this page.

Tie Breakers Rules
Rule 1.  Head-to-Head Record Between Tied Teams
Rule 2.  Least Runs Allowed Between Tied Teams
Rule 3.  Least Runs Allowed For the Series
Rule 4.  Least Earned Runs Allowed for the Series
Rule 5.  Coin Flip

(a)  After Games 11 and 12, if two teams are tied for first place in either Pool A or Pool B, the two teams tied for first place shall use the tie-breakers to determine first and second place in pool play.
(b)  After Games 11 and 12, if three teams are tied for first place, the tie-breaker rules will apply to determine first and second place in pool play and which team does not advance to the semi-final game.
(c)  The Semi-Final Pool A game will pair the first place team in Pool A versus the second place team in Pool B.
(d)  The Semi-Final Pool B game will pair the first place team in Pool B versus the second place team in Pool A.

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