2009 NYBC

2008 NYBC Recap

News and Features
12U: Rattlers run away with NYBC title
12U: Semifinal matchups all set
10U: N. Texas tops Dallas in title game
12U: Lumberjacks' big win caps 12U slate
10U: Panthers highlight thrilling day of games
NYBC underway: California, Georgia teams advance
Lumberjacks ride ace all the way to Memphis
Dallas Tigers capture 10U Super Series

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= Live Box Score = Live Video
= Final Box Score = Archived Video

* Live video and box scores available at gametime; check back later for archives.

DateTimeFieldPoolMatchup/Result Box Score Video
8/279:00 a.m.St. FrancisASan Diego Stars (USSSA) 3
Dallas Tigers (Super Series) 6
8/2711:30 a.m.St. FrancisBSandtown Redsox (AABC) 4
Chino Hills (PONY) 5
8/273 p.m.St. FrancisAN. Texas Bulldogs (AAU) 4
Team Georgia (Dixie) 1
8/275:30 p.m.St. FrancisBBenton Panthers (Babe Ruth) 0
W. Tenn. Wildcats (NABF) 11
8/2810:30 a.m.St. FrancisADallas Tigers (Super Series) 11
Team Georgia (Dixie) 0
8/2810:30 a.m.AT&TBChino Hills (PONY) 5 vs.
Benton Panthers (Babe Ruth) 6
8/281 p.m.St. FrancisASan Diego Stars (USSSA) 5
N. Texas Bulldogs (AAU) 7
8/281 p.m.AT&TBW. Tenn. Wildcats (NABF) 11
Sandtown Redsox (AABC) 9
8/286:30 p.m.St. FrancisAN. Texas Bulldogs (AAU) 6
Dallas Tigers (Super Series) 9
8/286:30 p.m.AT&TBChino Hills (PONY) 4
W. Tenn. Wildcats (NABF) 7
8/289 p.m.St. FrancisATeam Georgia (Dixie) 1
San Diego Stars (USSSA) 13
8/289 p.m.AT&TBBenton Panthers (Babe Ruth) 0
Sandtown Redsox (AABC) 2
8/2910 a.m.St. FrancisSemis Dallas Tigers (Super Series) 7
Sandtown Redsox (AABC) 5
8/2912:00St. FrancisSemisW. Tenn. Wildcats (NABF) 4
N. Texas Bulldogs (AAU) 6
8/294 p.m.St. FrancisFinalN. Texas Bulldogs (AAU) 3
Dallas Tigers (Super Series) 1

All Times ET
*TBD = 30 minutes after the end of previous game

Tie Breakers Rules
Rule 1.  Head-to-Head Record Between Tied Teams
Rule 2.  Least Runs Allowed Between Tied Teams
Rule 3.  Least Runs Allowed For the Series
Rule 4.  Least Earned Runs Allowed for the Series
Rule 5.  Coin Flip

(a)  After Games 11 and 12, if two teams are tied for first place in either Pool A or Pool B, the two teams tied for first place shall use the tie-breakers to determine first and second place in pool play.
(b)  After Games 11 and 12, if three teams are tied for first place, the tie-breaker rules will apply to determine first and second place in pool play and which team does not advance to the semi-final game.
(c)  The Semi-Final Pool A game will pair the first place team in Pool A versus the second place team in Pool B.
(d)  The Semi-Final Pool B game will pair the first place team in Pool B versus the second place team in Pool A.

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