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Contact the Appy League

Contact the Appy League

If you are interested in participating in the Appalachian League as an on-field staff member or as a player, or if you would like to recommend a player for the Appalachian League, please fill out the Appalachian League interest form or email the Steering Committee at [email protected].

Appy League Office:
1340 Environ Way,
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 913-4590
Appalachian League General Info: [email protected]
Appalachian League Operations Info: [email protected]
Appalachian League Media
: [email protected]
Social Media: @appyleague


Steering Committee

  • Chris Allen – President & COO, Boyd Sports
  • Ashley Bratcher – Senior Director - Baseball Operations, USA Baseball
  • Eric Campbell – General Manager - National Teams, USA Baseball
  • Tim Corbin – Head Baseball Coach, Vanderbilt University
  • John D’Angelo – Vice President - Amateur & Medical, MLB
  • Dan Hartleb – Head Baseball Coach, University of Illinois
  • Gil Kim – Director Of Player Development, Toronto Blue Jays
  • Bryan Minniti – Assistant General Manager, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Dan Moushon – President, Appalachian League
  • Jalen Phillips – Coordinator - Draft Operations, MLB
  • Steve Sanders – Assistant General Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • John Savage – Head Baseball Coach, UCLA
  • Bill Schmidt – Vice President, Scouting, Colorado Rockies
  • Edwin Thompson – Head Baseball Coach, Georgetown University