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Ask At Bat Help Center

NOTE: Anything in [bold surrounded by brackets] can be substituted for a different team, year, statistic, etc.

Example Schedule Questions

Current Day

  • When do the [Angels] play today?
  • What time is the [Diamondbacks] game?
  • Who do the [Nationals] play tonight?

Future Dates

  • What time is the [Orioles] game this [Thursday]?
  • What time is the [Dodgers] game next [Saturday]?
  • Who do the [Yankees] play on [May 22nd]?

Future Splits

  • When is the next [Rockies] [home] game during the [day]?
  • Who do the [Rangers] play during their next [home] game?

Future Team vs. Team

  • When is the next [Nationals] vs. [Cubs] game?
  • When is the next [Nationals] [home] game vs. the [Cubs]?
  • When is the next [Nationals] [home] [day] game vs. the [Cubs]?

Starting Pitchers

  • Who is starting for the [Yankees] tomorrow?
  • Who is pitching for the [Red Sox] on [Thursday]?

Example Scores Questions

Ongoing Games

  • Who is winning the [Cubs] game?
  • What's the score of the [Padres] game?

Past Games

  • Who won the [Indians] game yesterday?
  • Did the [Rays] win?
  • Who won the [Reds] game on April 1st?
  • Who won the last [Nationals] vs [Mets] game?
  • What was the score of the last [Mariners] vs [Royals] game?

Winning/Losing Pitchers

  • Who was the [winning] pitcher in last night's [Royals] game?
  • Who was the [winning] pitcher from [Phillies] game on [May 8th]?

Example Standings Questions

Current Standings

  • Who is in [1st] place in the [AL East]?
  • What place are the [Red Sox] in?
  • What is the [Reds] record this year?
  • Who has the [best] record in the [NL Central] this year?

Historical Standings

  • How did the [Nationals] finish in [2012]?
  • How did the [Giants] do in [1897]?
  • How did the [Mets] finish in the standings back in [1986]?
  • Who finished in [1st] place in the [AL West] in [1998]?
  • Who won the [AL West] in [1984]?

Example Stats Questions

Individual Hitting

  • Who leads the Major Leagues in [batting average]?
  • Who are the all-time [home run] leaders?
  • Who owns the [Oakland Athletics] record for most [stolen bases] in a single season?
  • Who has the best single-season [on-base percentage]?
  • Who has the most [walks] in a single season?
  • Who has the most [hits] this year on the [Washington Nationals]?
  • Which batter has the most career [strikeouts]?

Team Hitting

  • How many [hits] do the [Yankees] have this year?
  • How many [home runs] did the [Texas Rangers] have in [2011]?
  • Which team had the most [doubles] in the [National League] in [2015]?

Individual Pitching

  • Which pitcher had the most [wins] in [2010]?
  • Which pitcher has the most [strikeouts] this year?
  • Who has the best [batting average against]?
  • Who led the [American League] in [saves] in the [2016] [regular-season]?
  • Which pitcher gave up the most [home runs] in the [National League] in [2014]?
  • Which pitcher had the most [saves] in a single season?

Team Pitching

  • Which team has the best [ERA] this year?
  • Which [AL] team had the best [W H I P] in the [2015] [postseason]?
  • Which team's pitching staff leads the league in [walks]?
  • Which team's pitching staff had the most [strikeouts] in [2016]?

Individual Fielding

  • Which fielder has [started] the most [games] [this year]?
  • Which player had the most [errors] in [2015]?
  • Who had the most [passed balls] [last year]?

Team Fielding

  • How many [putouts] did the [Nationals] have [last year]?
  • Which team turned the most [double plays] in the [American League] [last year]?

Watch/Listen Commands


  • Watch the [Angels] game.
  • Watch MLB TV


  • Listen to the [Rays] game.
  • Play the [Rockies] broadcast.