Bregman talks goals, excitement for '18 in Q&A

March 24th, 2018

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Astros third baseman is one of the game's brightest up-and-coming stars. In his first full season in the big leagues in 2017, he hit .284 with 19 homers and 71 RBIs, and he was a core player on Houston's first World Series championship team.
Bregman, 23, played at an All-Star level in the final three months of the regular season, hitting .321 with 57 runs, 25 doubles, four triples, 11 homers, 11 steals and 45 RBIs after July 4. He took some time on Saturday to discuss the upcoming season and his expectations for 2018 with What has your focus been on this spring coming off the season you guys had, and the second half you had personally?
Bregman: I think just getting the body ready to play another 162 games and working on every phase of the game -- offense, defense, baserunning. Just working on everything.
:: Spring Training coverage presented by Camping World :: You said early in the spring you had lost weight and were eating better, all that. How have you noticed a change so far this spring in your body and how you play?
Bregman: I just feel a lot better. My body feels great. I wake up every morning with a lot more energy, so I'm ready and excited. I know you're a guy who likes to set goals. What are some of the goals you have this year, and do those goals change now with some of the things you guys have accomplished?
Bregman: Yeah, I think there's only one goal, and that's to win another World Series. It's the same goal every year. We're still chasing the same thing every time we step on this ballfield, and that's to win another World Series for Houston. The camaraderie on this team seems really special in the clubhouse. Give us an idea what it's like, what makes this team so special. All you guys are like brothers.
Bregman: We'd run through walls for each other. We're a family. It's one of the reasons why we're successful as a team. We hold each other accountable, and we get after it. You had a great second half last year, a strong postseason. Do you think you're poised now to do that over a full season that's only your second full season in the big leagues?
Bregman: I better. I better. That second half should be the standard. I better. Are you excited about his year, just as far as the expectations and everyone is going to be coming after you? And all the things that go into it -- the fans, the ring ceremony -- it seems like there's a lot of big things ahead for you guys.
Bregman: Oh yeah, it's going to be a fun season. And we're definitely excited. There's going to be a lot of hype and a lot of noise, but when we go to the field every day, it's about one thing, and that's the next pitch, winning the next pitch and winning the next inning and winning the next game. That's all that matters.