Graveman helps out as clubhouse attendant

October 1st, 2017
Kendall Graveman (center) made his final start of the regular season on Wednesday. (Jane Lee)

ARLINGTON -- With 's pitching services no longer needed this season, the A's right-hander picked up a part-time job during the club's final weekend of play at Globe Life Park.

Graveman, who made his final start of the regular season Wednesday, put himself to work as a clubhouse attendant, going so far as dressing the part.

"They were down a guy," Graveman said, "and I don't have much going on, so I've just been helping them out with whatever they need. It keeps me busy, but I also like seeing what goes into their job. They do so much behind the scenes."

Graveman arrived at the ballpark at 1 p.m. CT on Saturday afternoon, assisting with dishes -- "That's not something I typically enjoy doing," he said with a grin -- and even serving teammate his quesadilla.

The most recurring chore, however, has involved retrieving lost items.

"It's like Easter every day here," he said. "You're always searching for something."

He uncovered several lost items, including 's batting gloves, and was still on the hunt for a shirt belonging to manager Bob Melvin.

"Now maybe he could have actually hid it somewhere so that he's the guy that finds it, which wouldn't have surprised me," Melvin joked, "but he did help out in that area.

"He seems to be enjoying himself with it. And actually, you almost have to do a double take when you walk by him, because he looks like he fits in pretty well doing it. I know the guys are getting a kick out of it."

Melvin simply hoped "it's not one extra guy that I have to tip," he said, smiling.