The City of Oakland is leading public engagement and outreach to ensure Oakland community members have an accurate understanding of the Oakland A's Howard Terminal project proposal. For more information, click here.

Local Community Support

Union Support

Alameda Education Association
Ala Co Bldg & Constr Trades Council
Amer Fed Govt Empls 3172
Amer Fed Musicians 6
Berkeley Admins 81
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 2019
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 955
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 3299
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 444
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 2620
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls DC 57
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 3993
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 206
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 2428
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 257
Amer Fed State Co Muni Empls 3916
Berkeley Council Classified Empls 6192
CA Fed Teachers
Peralta Fed of Teachers 1603
Amer Fed Teachers 1474
Berkeley Fed Teachers 1078
Asian Pacific Amer Labor Alliance
Amer Postal Workers 47
Amal Transit Union 1555
Amal Transit Union 192
Bakers 125
CA Faculty Assn 1983
CA Nurses Assn
CA Alliance for Retired Americans
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Oakland Workers Collective
A Philip Randolph Inst
Fed Retired Union Mbrs
CA School Empls Assn 615
CA School Empls Assn 27
CA School Empls Assn 692
CA School Empls Assn 94
Comm Workers of Amer 39521
Comm Workers of Amer 9412
Comm Workers of Amer 9415
Comm Workers of Amer 9404
Comm Workers of Amer 9119 UPTE 1
CommWorkers of Amer DC 9
Hayward Education Association

Firefighters Livermore Pleasanton 1974
Fire Fighters Fremont 1689
Fire Fighters Berkeley 1227
Fire Fighters Hayward 1909
Fire Fighters Ala Co 55
Fire Fighters Alameda 689
Machinists 1781
Machinists 1414
Machinists 1546
Machinists 1584
Machinists 1782
Machinists 190
Theatrical & Stage Empls B-18
Theatrical & Stage Empls 16
Theatrical & Stage Empls 119
Theatrical & Stage Empls 169
Theatrical & Stage Empls 784
Theatrical & Stage Empls 600
Theatrical & Stage Empls 107
Electrical Workers 595
Electrical Workers 45
Electrical Workers 1245
Teamsters 853
Teamsters 2010
Teamsters 70
Teamsters 856
Teamsters Joint Council 7
IFPTE Local 21
IFPTE Local 20
Operating Engineers 3
Stationary Engineers 39
Sign Display & Allied Crafts Local 510
Painters 1176
Painters 3
Iron Workers 378
Laborers 886
National Association of Government Employees EMS 510
CA State Assn of Letter Carriers
National Letter Carriers 214
National Letter Carriers 1111
Fremont Unified Dist Teachers Assn

Oakland Education Assn
New Haven Teachers Association
Natl Football League Players Assn
Office & Professional Empls 277
Office & Professional Empls 29
Professional Aviation Safety Specialists
Roofers 81
Screen Actors Guild-Amer Fed TV Radio 6001
SEIU 265 Cemetery Workers
SEIU United Healthcare Workers
SEIU United Service Workers West
Pari-Mutuel Employees Guild of CA Local 280
Service Empls 1000
Service Empls 1021
Service Empls 2015
Service Empls CIR 1957
San Lorenzo Education Assn
San Leandro Teachers Assn
Sheet Metal Workers 104
Transport Workers 555
Transport Workers 556
Plumbers & Steamfitters 342
Sprinkler Fitters Local 483
United Admin of Oakland Schools 83
United Auto Workers 5810
United Auto Workers 2350
National Writers Union 1981
United Auto Workers 2865
United Auto Workers 2103
Food & Commercial Workers 5
UH Western States Regional Joint Board
Steelworkers 5
Steelworkers 1304
United Faculty of Ohlone
Mujeres Unidas Y Activas
Nat'l Guild of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Coalition of Black Trade Unionist
California Federation of Interpreters Local 39000