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What We Heard: West Oakland

"An engine for economic equity with diverse, mixed income housing on top of small business that are focused on culture and creativity."

"Preserve the history. Keep the growth of West Oakland going. Ballpark could do a lot to the area."

"Locals should have jobs here."

"A lot of work is needed to make a healthy place here."

"Provide opportunities for local businesses to keep this area alive."

"Access is the most important consideration at Howard Terminal."

"The more we can bring people down here, the more we can help businesses in Jack London Square and in West Oakland."

What We Heard: East Oakland

"Jobs, recreation for youth, real affordable housing, and home ownership pathways for residents of East Oakland."

"Let's invest in deep East Oakland."

"A's can be a great model for true equitable development that addresses the community's immediate needs."

"We need a safe place to play!"

"A great spot with lots of potential by re-vitalizing the site, creating jobs for residents, let's invest in East Oakland!"

What We Heard: Public Agency Meetings

"A's are invested in the community and have made it clear that this project is bigger than baseball"

"I am very pleased with what the team has done thus far as it relates to community feedback and I urge [BCDC] to help make this project a reality"

"I can attest not only to the extensive outreach the A's have conducted but also to their responsiveness and willingness to work with the community to address any and all concerns or comments"

"The environmental piece of the is project is not a community benefit, it is what Oakland residents are entitled to"