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The Oakland A's are fully committed to ensuring that the new ballpark district at Howard Terminal is a model of green design, sustainable development, and environmental justice reform.

Our commitments to date include:

Brownfield Transformation

Transforming an environmental "negative" into an environmental "positive."

  • We will turn an underutilized urban industrial site (i.e. brownfield) with a history of well-documented environmental challenges, including soil and groundwater contamination, into a sustainable development that will include a ballpark, public parks and open space, housing (including affordable housing), restaurants, retail, and small business space.
  • These types of environmental issues are common in large urban infill redevelopment projects, including the sites redeveloped into sports venues like Oracle Park in San Francisco and SAP Center in San Jose.
  • As part of our pledge to redevelop and privately finance the site, we will fully mitigate these environmental issues at no cost to taxpayers.

Real Environmental Justice Reform

Serving as an essential catalyst to addressing longstanding environmental issues at the Port and in West Oakland.

  • We have developed a partnership with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), a resident-led, community-based environmental justice organization, to develop a shared environmental justice agenda on issues of public health, air quality, land use, and equity.

Green Design

Building the ballpark and surrounding development to a LEED Gold or equivalent standard for new construction.

  • This will make our new home the first MLB ballpark in California and second in the entire nation to achieve this prestigious designation.

Cleaner Air

Reducing car trips to the site by 20% and achieving net zero greenhouse gasses from ballpark activities.

Improved Transit and Connectivity

Pledging to build and privately finance electrically powered gondola system.

  • This aerial transit system will enhance connectivity and provide a new civic amenity with unparalleled views of Oakland's iconic waterfront.

Enhanced Protection Against Sea-Level Rise

Investing in new protections and fortifications against anticipated sea level rise and shore erosion at the Port to the benefit of both the ballpark district and neighboring communities and businesses.

Greater Public Transparency and Engagement

Committing to high levels of public engagement, transparency and accountability.

  • We have already organized over 20 meetings and 30 hours of community engagement sessions on environmental topics; dedicated a section of our ballpark website to environmental issues; and pledged to release updates on our formal environmental impact report process earlier and more frequently than required by law.
  • We welcome public input and engagement in our efforts to green the project.