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A gondola is a type of aerial transportation that is supported by steel cables. Our gondola will use the most advanced aerial technology currently available to move more than 6,000 passengers per hour per direction.

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute studied the economic impact a gondola could have on Oakland. The report determined:

$685 million in total economic benefit to the City of Oakland over the first 10 years of gondola operation

  • This number includes a $403 million increase in taxable sales in Oakland attributable to the gondola
  • $265 million benefit from construction and operations over 10 years
  • $17 million in monetized time savings for commuters in Oakland

Read the full report here

A gondola can move up to 6,000 individuals per hour per direction.

Approximately 35 people can fit in each cabin.

We plan to have approximately 12 - 14 cabins on the line.

The route would take fans from near the Oakland Convention Center/12th Street BART Station to Water Street at Jack London Square.

The ride is approximately three minutes in each direction. 

Yes, the gondola will travel from near the Oakland Convention Center/12 Street BART to Water Street and back to the Oakland Convention Center/12 Street BART Station.


Yes. A gondola is a safe, reliable transportation solution that is used around the world. Many cities use gondolas as a primary public transportation option.

Yes, each individual gondola cabin and station will be ADA accessible.

The gondola will serve all our home games and special events at our ballpark at Howard Terminal. The system could also operate daily to connect visitors and residents from downtown Oakland to Jack London Square.

We have not yet determined the price per ride.

We are evaluating a number of financing options.

We plan for the gondola opening to coincide with our ballpark opening in 2023.

The gondola system will be a zero-emission transit line. By replacing vehicle trips, the gondola could have a positive environmental impact in terms of reduced vehicles, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improved air quality.

We are in discussion with a few companies and plan to select our partner soon.