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2021 Postseason Tickets

Billing icon Payment Options

Fans who held membership prior to the 2020 season and 2021 FlexTix buyers are now eligible to secure Postseason strips for every 2021 Postseason game in Oakland.

Postseason strips can be purchased with a 25% initial payment, with the remaining 75% charged upon qualification for the League Championship Series in October, giving you more financial flexibility to enjoy your A's throughout October. Postseason strips can also be purchased in full with a single payment.

2020 Full & Half Season members should click on "RENEW / MAKE PAYMENTS" on the left side menu of their My A's Tickets Account to claim their postseason strips. Partial plan, Pick'em, and FlexTix members should visit the Exclusive Offers tab on their My A's Tickets Account to purchase postseason strips.

Ticket Exchange icon Resale Restrictions

Postseason tickets and parking passes may not be resold or otherwise distributed to individuals not associated with the ticket purchaser. The sale, attempted sale, or transfer of postseason tickets and parking passes purchased through this offer in violation of this policy is prohibited. Violation of this policy may result in the revocation of certain or all tickets purchased.

Parking icon Postseason Parking

2020 members and 2021 FlexTix buyers can guarantee themselves reserved parking by purchasing a full parking strip, one strip available per account, for $510 through the Exclusive Offers tab of the My A's Tickets Account. Subject to availability, parking will be available for $30 during the Wild Card and Division Series home games. Parking will be available for $40 during the ALCS and $50 during the World Series. Regular season pre-paid parking passes WILL NOT be accepted.

Partial Tickets icon Bonus Strips

All 2020 members can purchase up to four additional postseason strips in select seating areas at face value. Strips include all potential home postseason games at the Coliseum and can be purchased via the Exclusive Offers tab in your My A's Tickets account.

Tickets icon Digital Tickets & Parking Passes

All 2021 Postseason tickets will only be available digitally via the MLB Ballpark app or My A's Tickets. Printed tickets will not be offered. Tickets will be visible in your My A's Tickets account. Review the correct Postseason tickets and Postseason parking passes for entry to the ballpark.

Premium Seating icon Postseason Suites

Interested in Postseason suites? Fill out our suite interest form or email [email protected] to discuss the 2021 Postseason suite options. A $250 deposit towards the 2022 season for a future suite purchase will be required.

Tickets icon Single Game Postseason Tickets

Information related to single game Postseason tickets, game dates and times, and more will be available at a later date. Please visit this page for the most updated Postseason ticket information.