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MLB FoodFest Menu: LA 2019

MLB FoodFest menus for upcoming events in NYC and London coming soon!

American League

  •   Chesapeake Waffle Fries
  •   Hot Lobster Roll
  •   Elote Nuggets
  •   Fat Rooster
  •   Bahn Mi
  •   Frito Pie Corndog
  •   BBQ Burger
  •   Kung Pao Chicken Drumstick
  •   Tony O's Cuban Sandwich
  •   NYY Steak Sandwich
  •   Brisket Nachos
  •   Toasted Grasshoppers
  •   Beer Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  •   Dilly Dog
  •   BBQ Watermelon Pulled Pork Sandwich

National League

  •   Churro Dog
  •   Dagwood Grilled Cheese
  •   Chicago Dog
  •   'Cincinnati Hot' Pork Schnitzel
  •   Rocky Mountain Oysters
  •   Sisig Fries
  •   Chicken & Bubble Waffle
  •   Wisconsin Ultimate Cheese Fry
  •   New York Deli Pastrami Sandwich
  •   Philly Cheesesteak
  •   Pulled Pork Pierogie Hoagie
  •   Mahi Mahi Taco
  •   Cha Cha Bowl
  •   Four Hands Nachos
  •   Original Half Smoke - "All The Way"


Japan: Japanese Curry
London: Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas
Mexico: Sultanes De Monterrey "Monster Dog"