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What is the mailing and e-mail address for the Baseball Tomorrow Fund?

Baseball Tomorrow Fund
245 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10167

Questions may be submitted to
[email protected]

Are we required to submit a letter of inquiry before sending an application?

No. BTF does not accept letters of inquiry.

All funding requests must be submitted using the online application system.

We want to build a youth field, need new equipment, etc. Would the Baseball Tomorrow Fund be interested in our project?

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund cannot determine if an organization or project meets the evaluation criteria over the phone or by e-mail. To determine if your organization and project are eligible to apply for a grant, please go to the BTF Online Application, and then click "Sign Up" to take the Eligibility Survey.

Is our organization eligible to apply for a grant?

Tax-exempt organizations (i.e. municipalities, school districts) and 501(c)(3) organizations involved in youth baseball and/or softball may apply for a BTF grant.

Organizations outside the U.S. must attach written confirmation of non-profit or tax-exempt status from the appropriate governmental agency.

If more than one organization is involved in the request, one organization must be selected to serve as the official applicant. The non-profit or tax-exempt organization that will be responsible for the administration of the project and grant funds should be the official applicant organization.

Our project is a collaboration of several organizations. Which organization should apply?

The non-profit or tax-exempt organization that will be responsible for the administration of the project and grant funds should be the official applicant organization.

How much money can we request? What is the maximum grant award?

BTF does not specify a maximum grant award; however, the average grant amount is approximately $40,000. The applicant must determine how much funding is required for the project; however, written cost estimates and documentation to support the request are required.

Are matching funds required, and if so, how much?

BTF carefully considers the cash and in-kind funding that has been secured and committed toward a project. Generally, at least 50 percent of the total cost of the project should be committed by other sources of funding; however, the higher the ratio of matching funds, the better chance an application will be successful.

Our project did not receive funding in the past. May we resubmit an application?

Your organization may submit a new application if the proposal has changed significantly or if your organization is proposing a new project.

Our project did not receive funding in the past. Will our application be considered during the next review cycle?

Unless your organization receives written correspondence stating that the application has been deferred for future consideration, declined applications are not considered further.

Our organization received a Baseball Tomorrow Fund grant in the past. May we apply again?

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is not intended to be an annual source of income for any organization. Grants are intended to provide funding for incremental programming. Additionally, since the Baseball Tomorrow Fund program is a national and international program with hundreds of applicants, multiple grant awards to the same organization are rare. However, if a past grant recipient can sufficiently demonstrate the need for additional funding for incremental programming; the recipient may submit another application for consideration. Please note that results of the past grant will be considered. Please refer to the One Grant at a Time and Waiting Period Policy.

When can my organization submit its final and follow-up reports?

The due date for the final report is specified in the letter of agreement. Follow-up reports are requested and due in October each year. The first follow-up report that your organization will receive will be in the year following the completion of a grant.

If your organization receives a grant for a field/facility-related project (i.e. construction, renovation, field lighting, etc.) and/or is responsible for maintaining other fields or facilities in the community that have been supported by BTF or its partners currently or in the past, the proper maintenance and use of the fields and facilities will be evaluated by BTF before subsequent requests from your organization are considered.

When can my organization submit a new request?

Your organization may submit a new proposal after:

1) BTF has received the organization's final report from the previous grant; and

2) The organization has submitted follow-up reports for at least two years after completion of the previous project and has demonstrated participation and programming growth and/or proper, on-going maintenance and use of fields and facilities (if applicable.)

In all cases, BTF evaluation criteria and application requirements will apply.

Our organization is selected annually by a MLB Club to receive a BTF/MLB Equipment Day or BTF/MLB Field Maintenance Education Program grant. Will we have to wait two years to be selected again?

No. However, your organization will need to provide a complete final report and proofs of payment to account for the use of the Equipment Day grant funds by the stated due date in order to be selected again the MLB Club and approved by BTF.

Our organization received a grant through the standard BTF application process and the project is in progress. Can we be selected by a MLB Club to receive a BTF/Equipment Day or BTF/MLB Field Maintenance Education Program grant?

No. However, once the term of the grant and reporting process is complete, the two-year Waiting Period Policy will not apply for selection by a MLB Club for the BTF/MLB Equipment Day or BTF/MLB Field Maintenance Education Program grants.

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