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Allentown School District Foundation - Allentown, PA

Allentown School District (ASD) serves approximately 16,000 students, K-12. Its William Allen High School is the district's largest high school with 2,600 students. It offers baseball and softball and works with local summer programs including American Legion, Connie Mack and the Lehigh Valley RBI program. A BTF grant will allow the school district to renovate the J. Birney Crum Baseball and Softball fields including an improved baseball playing surface and new dugouts on both fields.

Boys Baseball of Aurora Illinois Inc. - Aurora, IL

Boys Baseball of Aurora, Illinois Inc. (BBA) offers four baseball leagues to players ages 6-14 years old including Rookie League, Minor League, Major League, and Pony League. BBA partners with Aurora Turner's Club for a t-ball program, and offers travel teams, a Fall Ball League and a recreational program for children with special needs. A BTF grant will allow BBA to replace all of its uniforms in time for the 2018 Summer and Fall Ball Leagues.

Calhoun County Little League - Port Lavaca, TX

Calhoun County Little League was established in 1954 in Port Lacava, Texas, a community affected by Hurricane Harvey. The league offers t-ball through senior division baseball and softball as well as a Challenger League. Its complex features six youth fields and a new concession stand. A BTF grant will allow the league to replace the damaged wooden pole lighting system with Musco Lighting, Inc. equipment on four youth baseball fields.

Centenary University - Hackettstown, NJ

Centenary University is a private institution serving approximately 4,500 students in Hackettstown, New Jersey. The university partners with the local school district to share athletic facilities and provides youth baseball clinics at local youth fields and high school showcases in its indoor practice facility. A BTF grant will support the university's efforts to construct its first regulation baseball field that will serve the college program as well as high school and summer league teams for games and practices.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte Mecklenburg School system (CMS) in North Carolina serves more than 149,000 students. East Mecklenburg High School (EMHS) currently fields varsity and junior varsity softball and baseball teams. EMHS offers community use of facilities including free camps and clinics for local youth. A BTF grant will support efforts to renovate the existing high school softball field into a synthetic, multi-sport facility, to be called the East Mecklenburg High School Youth Development Field, a Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation project.

Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools - Chouteau, OK

Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools serves 1,000 students K-12 in Oklahoma. The school offers junior high and high school baseball and softball programs with approximately 140 players. The community offers youth programs to 140 players ages 4-12. Over the last five years, it has constructed an indoor practice/locker room facility, replaced the outfield fence, backstop and dugouts on the baseball field and renovated the concession stand. A BTF grant help complete the renovations of HL Burton Baseball Field by funding a scoreboard, bleachers and home plate tarp.

City of Delta - Delta, CO

Since 1993, the City of Delta, Colorado has offered youth sports activities including T-ball, baseball and softball for girls and boys, ages 7-16. Its mission is to provide a safe, fun and noncompetitive foundation for youth team sports. A BTF grant for new equipment will support the continued growth of the program.

City of Lansing - Lansing, MI

The City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department's Lifetime Sports office has offered youth baseball and softball programming for over 50 years. The city maintains 13 baseball/softball fields including two at Quentin Park, which are used primarily for the machine-pitch division. A BTF grant will allow the city to complete much-needed renovations to facilitate maximum field use and to encourage participation growth.

City of Markham - Markham, IL

The City of Markham, Illinois began the revitalization of its youth baseball program in 2013. The city received an Illinois Department of Natural Resources grant to redevelop Markham League Baseball Field, located on the city's under-served West Side. A BTF grant will provide funding to install Musco Lighting, Inc. equipment as a part of the complete renovation.

Hampshire County Board of Education - Romney, WV

Hampshire County Board of Education is a public school system with 3,200 students, Pre-K-12, in Romney, West Virginia. Hampshire High School serves 1,000 students. The school is home to all levels of youth baseball and softball for ages 5-18. It is often a place of practice and/or games to Little League, Senior League, Travel teams and American Legion levels. A BTF grant will allow the school to construct an indoor practice facility on the campus of Hampshire High School.

Lincoln County Schools - Hamlin, WV

Lincoln County School District in Hamlin, West Virginia has offered baseball or softball since the early 1970's. The school district fields and indoor practice facilities are used by all youth programs in the community. In 2007, the high school baseball field was constructed; a concession stand/press box was recently completed. A BTF grant will provide funding for the installation of Musco Lighting, Inc. equipment at the field to encourage player retention and participate growth.

Milton Little League - Milton, DE

Milton Little League Inc. serves the small, rural community of Milton, Delaware. Its complex has five youth baseball fields and a concession stand. The league serves 200 players annually. A BTF grant will allow the league to install Musco Lighting, Inc. equipment to the Minor League Field to encourage participation growth.

Nash County - Nashville, NC

Nash County serves Nashville, North Carolina and surrounding communities. Nash County Recreation & Senior Services maintains and operates three park facilities owned by county municipalities. Since 2007, the county offers baseball and softball for approximately 800 players ages 4-15 and partners with various youth baseball and softball organizations as well as a local college to provide youth clinics. A BTF grant will support the county's efforts to develop its first park which will include four youth baseball/softball fields.

Ottumwa Community School District - Ottumwa, IA

The Ottumwa Community School District in Iowa serves 4,500 students and offers freshman, JV and varsity high school baseball. The Legion Field is home to the school teams. In the fall of 2017, the district and American Legion renovated the infield and installed new fencing along the baselines. A BTF grant will allow the school district to replace unsafe lighting on the Legion Field.

Smyrna Clayton Little Lass - Smyrna, DE

Smyrna Clayton Little Lass (SCLL) Softball League in Smyrna, Delaware was established in 1971. In 2012, the organization obtained a charter to offer Little League Softball. SCLL operates four fields at the Smyrna Clayton Little Lass Complex. A BTF grant will allow the league to complete field renovations to address player safety concerns and to support the continued growth of the program.

Swanville Swans Baseball Club - Swanville, MN

The Swanville Swans Baseball Club promotes amateur athletics and improve the quality of life for people in Swanville, Minnesota. The club supports area youth teams and is spearheading efforts to construct a new youth baseball/softball field on school district property. The club will actively support a new Little League program with time and resources, such as coaching and providing uniforms. A BTF grant will allow the club to construct the community's only youth baseball/softball field.

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is a joint initiative of Major League Baseball & the Major League Baseball Players Association