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The Baseball Tomorrow Fund forms relationships with some of the most trusted names in the business of baseball and softball. From field lighting to maintenance equipment, our partners generously provide discounted products and services to our recipients in an effort to strengthen youth baseball and softball worldwide. A special BTF thank you goes to the following organizations! Learn more about each of our partners below.

BTF Preferred Providers

Many organizations engaging in field renovation and construction projects do not consult or hire professionals and companies that specialize in baseball/softball field construction. This often leads to poorly developed construction plans and the use of inferior, unnecessary or unsustainable equipment, supplies and materials resulting in waste of resources and unmaintainable fields.

To address the need for quality, maintainable playing fields and realistic, manageable construction and renovation projects, BTF is developing a list of "preferred providers" of field-related services, equipment and materials as a resource for all organizations planning field-related projects.

Companies eligible to be a BTF Preferred Provider are highly recommended in the industry, offer competitive pricing, provide regional or national service, customer service support and discounts and donations to registered non-profit and tax-exempt organizations that receive BTF grant funding.

BTF Preferred Providers may provide the following services, materials and equipment:


  • Consultation
  • Construction design
  • Laser grading
  • Irrigation design
  • Field maintenance services
  • Soil testing


  • Infield mix
  • Conditioner, mound and plate clay
  • Sod (and/or installation)
  • Seed and fertilizer
  • Synthetic turf (and/or installation)
  • Irrigation equipment (and/or installation)


  • Field maintenance equipment
  • Field equipment - bases, pitching rubbers, home plates, foul poles, protective fence cap, backstop padding, backstop and protective netting, tarps, scoreboards
  • Field Lighting - BTF recommends Musco Lighting, Inc.

The current BTF Preferred Provider list may be used by any organization, regardless of status or involvement with BTF. Organizations may contact a preferred provider to receive consultation, cost estimates or to purchase products and services. BTF strongly encourages applicants to contact preferred providers to discuss renovation and construction needs prior to submitting a grant request.

Download the BTF Preferred Providers List.

The Baseball Tomorrow Fund is a joint initiative of Major League Baseball & the Major League Baseball Players Association