StubHub | Seller FAQ

Q: What are the benefits to selling my tickets at StubHub?

StubHub provides a safe and secure environment to buy and sell tickets, excellent customer support 24/7, and the StubHub FanProtect™ Guarantee. [What is this?]

At StubHub:

  • Listing your tickets only takes a few minutes and we'll even help you price.
  • You'll get paid fast when your tickets sell. No dealing with buyers. Guaranteed.
  • Payment by PayPal or direct deposit.
  • Once your listing is up, it stays up, unless you change your mind.
  • You can make your tickets available for Instant Download by entering your barcodes when you list your ticket.

Q: Who can sell tickets?

If you have a MyBlueJays Account, you can list your ticket for sale directly from your account. If you don't have a MyBlueJays Account, you can still list your ticket at StubHub.

Q: How will StubHub pay me?

StubHub can pay you through PayPal or direct deposit. It's your choice!

Q: Do I need to create an account to list my tickets at StubHub?

Yes - StubHub will automatically set up your account the first time you list tickets for sale. All you need to do is enter an email address and create a password.

Q: Is my StubHub account the same as my MyBlueJays Account?

No, they are separate accounts. However, you can choose to log into your StubHub account automatically when you visit StubHub from your MyBlueJays Account. If you change any of your information (such as your payment address), make sure you change the information in both accounts.

Q: How do I start selling my tickets?

To start selling your tickets:

  1. Sign in to your MyBlueJays account.
  2. Select the game and tickets you want to sell.
  3. Click 'Sell on StubHub'.
  4. You'll be taken to StubHub to set your price and choose how you want to be paid. You'll be able to review everything before you list your tickets for sale.

If you don't have a MyBlueJays account, you can still list your tickets for sale at StubHub. Just click the 'Sell' link at the top of the StubHub home page to get started.

Q: How much does it cost to sell tickets at StubHub?

It is free to list tickets for sale at StubHub. When your tickets sell, StubHub may collect a fee on the ticket sale. The minimum list price for all MLB tickets is $6 per ticket.

Q: How should I price my tickets?

It's up to you to decide on a sale price. When you list your tickets, you'll see a pricing dial to help price your tickets how you'd like.

To give you the best chance of selling your tickets, StubHub recommends pricing your tickets competitively from your initial listing and frequently checking to compare your ticket price to recently sold listings and active listings similar to yours.

Just remember that when your tickets sell, StubHub may collect a fee on the ticket sale. In addition, it's your responsibility to understand and comply with all state and local laws regarding ticket resale.

Q: How will I know if I sold my tickets?

As soon as your tickets sell, StubHub will send you an email with information on how to enter your ticket barcodes if you haven't already. If you have already entered your barcodes the StubHub email will let you know when to expect your payment.

When your tickets sell, the barcodes on your tickets will be invalidated and tickets with new barcodes will be issued to the buyer. StubHub strongly suggests that you hold onto your original tickets until the game has been played.

Q: How will my tickets be delivered to my buyer?

If you listed your tickets from your MyBlueJays account, StubHub will take care of delivery for you at no charge.

If you listed your tickets on the StubHub website and did not enter your ticket barcodes when you listed them, you will receive an email when your tickets sell prompting you to go to StubHub to enter the sold ticket barcodes.

Q: What if I decide I want to use the tickets I've listed?

Yes. You will need to delete your StubHub listing in order for your tickets to be "unlocked" in your MyBlueJays account. As long as your tickets are still listed on StubHub, they will be "locked" in your MyBlueJays account. Remember, you can delete your StubHub listing at any time as long as your tickets haven't sold.

Q: What is the StubHub FanProtect™ Guarantee?

For sellers, your sell fee pays for the following StubHub guarantees:

  • You'll never be contacted directly by a buyer or prospective buyer
  • You set your price and can adjust it any time before your tickets sell
  • You'll be paid by StubHub (not by the buyer) for all ticket sales you complete as promised in your listing

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Q: Is it legal to resell tickets?

Reselling tickets above face value is legal in Ontario where the tickets sold have a money-back guarantee or if the tickets can be authenticated by the primary seller. To sell tickets at StubHub, sellers must accept StubHub's user agreement and agree to abide by local regulations.

Q: What currency is used on StubHub?

When you price your tickets, it's important to keep in mind that all listings on are currently in US Dollar.