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Early Bird Gets the Worm

Early Bird

At Truist Park, all summer long, the early bird gets the worm! For every home game from June 1 through August 1, come early and get a discount, a free giveaway or a unique opportunity in the ballpark. See below for a weekly schedule of ‘early bird’ activities.

  • 15% off food at all concessions stands; 25% off food with mobile ordering in the MLB Ballpark app when using the code “EARLY”. Discounts available for the first hour gates are open. A-List Members receive their customary 10% concessions discount in addition to this perk.
  • Various free gate giveaways & bobbleheads. View Promotions Calendar
  • Gates open one hour early for fans to watch Braves batting practice every Saturday
  • Free Hope & Will’s Sandlot games for the first hour gates are open