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Cobb County Schools

As the Braves look forward to the opening of Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta in 2017, the organization is excited to continue its work of giving back to local schools in Braves Country. The Braves have a long history of supporting schools throughout Metro Atlanta and offering programs that deliver opportunityto youth in the region. Identifying new initiatives in Cobb County enables the organization to expand educational outreach and build a deeper relationship with the schools in the community.

According to numbers from Cobb Edge, Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta will inject more than $6 million annually directly to Cobb County schools through direct tax dollars. Additionally, the Braves and Cobb County have agreed on a comprehensive approach to support youth in the community. Various academic-related initiatives include new opportunities for students, faculty and staff in Cobb County, including:

  • The Braves were honored to be the sponsor of the Cobb County schools "Back to School" folder for 2016-17, providing funds to cover the cost of design, printing, stuffing and distribution of more than 115,000 folders featuring information for parents and students about the school year.
  • A new K-12 initiative will give students the opportunity to interact with high-tech professionals, and see that technology up close and in action. Comcast, a longtime partner of the Braves, will use its new innovation campus at The Battery Atlanta to host field trips and other hands-on experiences for students, and technology experts from the Braves, Major League Baseball, Comcast and other partners will be able to visit classrooms in the community and share their knowledge.
  • The Braves are working with various executives from our partners at The Battery Atlanta to craft a high school leadership program. Modeled after existing leadership programs, this new initiative would include three to four students per high school and enable them to learn -- and practice -- key leadership skills from executives across multiple industries.
  • Continuing the organization's commitment to literacy and reading, expanded efforts to grow Home Run Readers, the existing summer reading program that serves students in K-12 across Georgia. New initiatives to incentivize reading for K-8 students are being developed.
  • The Braves, as well as its partners in The Battery Atlanta, will work to provide ample employment opportunities for students and teachers in the community, hosting job fairs in various high schools and offering vendor programs to support community initiatives.
  • The Atlanta Braves Foundation is in the process of developing a grant program to support the work and needs of teachers in the community.