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Positive Athlete

What Is Positive Athlete Georgia?

Positive Athlete Georgia is a movement featuring high character current and former professional athletes, led by former UGA star and Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward, who are established and credible role models to young athletes. Positive Athlete is an umbrella brand for all athletes who are marking a positive contribution to their communities, overcoming difficult circumstances with a positive attitude, and believe a positive attitude is essential to their success.

Since the program's inception five years ago, over 20,000 high school student-athletes have been nominated for Positive Athlete Awards, and over $150,000 in corporately sponsored college scholarships have been awarded. The Atlanta Braves have been a partner with Positive Athlete since 2015.

Current and former professional athletes are members of this organization, and high school athletes will be invited to join based on being nominated by a coach, school administrator, parent or fan for the annual Georgia Positive High School Athlete Awards. Coaches in youth sports leagues in Georgia are already naming "Positive Athletes of the Game" each game as a way to emphasize the importance of having a positive attitude.

The Positive Athlete brand was created to remind all athletes to O.P.E.R.A.T.E  like a Positive Athlete every day of your life.

Been Nominated as a Positive Athlete?

Congratulations! All Positive Athlete Nominees receive a special ticket offer from the Atlanta Braves.