Braves Players Weekend nicknames explained

August 24th, 2017

ATLANTA -- The Braves' attire will look different as they celebrate Players Weekend during a three-game series against the Rockies that begins Friday at SunTrust Park

Fans who watch this series will see colorful, non-traditional uniforms featuring alternate designs. The jerseys will be adorned with nicknames, and other portions of the uniform will be personalized in an effort to allow fans to get a better feel for each player's personality. 

Each player will also wear a special patch on his sleeve showing the progression of a child evolving into a Major Leaguer. Players were given the opportunity to personalize the white space under the logo to pay tribute to important people in their lives.

Below is a list of the nicknames and tribute messages that will be displayed on each Braves player's uniform this weekend.

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: "LA Swiftness"

The backup outfielder chose his Twitter handle, which he admits is somewhat a play on LA Fitness, a nationwide fitness center.

Tribute patch: Mom 

During his sophomore year of high school, Adams was traveling back from a tournament when he decided he wanted to quit baseball to focus on basketball. His mother responded by driving him toward Sonic and telling him, "If you don't want to play baseball, you have to get a job."

Matt Adams: "Big City"

This a nickname Lance Berkman gave Adams when they were together during Spring Training with the Cardinals. is credited with keeping the nickname alive over the years.

Tribute patch: Family

Adams said he wants to recognize his parents and other family members who made sacrifices that helped him chase his dream.

What you need to know for Players Weekend

: Using last name

Tribute patch: "Bolly"

This is the nickname of Albies' late father, who passed away suddenly a month after the young phenom from Curacao signed his first professional contract with the Braves.

R.A Dickey: Using last name

Tribute patch: JC, Anne, Gabe, Lila, Eli, Van 

Dickey chose to recognize Jesus Christ, his wife and four children.

Mike Foltynewicz: "Folty"

The right-handed pitcher says this was his dad's nickname, which he started hearing during his childhood. But Foltynewicz says he didn't necessarily hear it regularly until he began traveling to play in other towns, where folks chose to say "Folty" instead of trying to pronounce his last name.

Tribute patch: Family and friends

"These are the people who helped me get where I am today," Foltynewicz said.

Tyler Flowers: "Flow"

Flowers says this has been his nickname dating back to his days as a star running back at suburban Atlanta's Blessed Trinity High School.

Tribute patch: Nancy, Mom, Dad

The veteran catcher chose to honor the sacrifices his wife and parents have made during his long baseball journey.

Freddie Freeman: "Freddie"

The Braves' first baseman's simple explanation: "My given name is Frederick, so Freddie is my nickname."

Tribute patch: Rosemary 

He will honor his mother, who battled melanoma and passed away when the Freddie was just 9 years old.

Sam Freeman: "Freezy"

The left-handed reliever says this is a nickname that developed when he was "young and dumb" during the early part of his pro career. He had this named etched on one of his gloves in 2010, and soon after, teammates began picking up on it.

Tribute patch: Mom, Dad, Nate, the Allen Family, Jaime, the Drelling Family and Stono

Along with recognizing family members, Freeman will honor the contributions made by his high school coach and junior college pitching coach.

: "Ender"

"Everyone was putting their first name or last name, and I didn't want to be the only one putting my nickname," Inciarte said. "Next year, I might put a different name on there."

Tribute patch: Dad

Inciarte was a 20-year-old prospect in the D-backs' organization when his father suddenly passed away.

Jim Johnson: "JJ"

This self-explanatory nickname is the one most often used by his coaches and teammates in the clubhouse.

Tribute patch: "Fols" 

Johnson will recognize his high school baseball coach Ed Folli, who has become a close family friend.

Matt Kemp: "Matt"

"People have tried to give me nicknames, but I don't like nicknames," Kemp said.

Tribute patch: God, family, friends 

"They all know what they mean to me," the outfielder said.

: "TTT"

The veteran outfielder will be recognizing his three sons: Taylor, Tucker and Toby.

Tribute patch: Family 

Markakis' parents are regular visitors to SunTrust Park, and his wife and sons drew some attention when they constructed a sign for his countdown to 2,000 hits, a milestone he reached earlier this month.

: "JMotte"

The veteran reliever settled for this self-explanatory nickname after three of his other choices were rejected.

Tribute patch: "#KCANCER"

The reliever will recognize the popular campaign he started after his wife's grandfather's battle led him to begin The Jason Motte Foundation. His mission is to aid cancer patients and make sure they know they are not alone in their battle.

: "Newk"

"This is what people have called me since I started playing sports," Newcomb said. "I'm not really sure how the N-E-W-K started, but I kind of like it because [with the K], it's a little different."

Tribute patch: Mom, Dad and family

Newcomb chose to go with an all-inclusive message to give thanks to his birth parents and his stepmother and stepfather.

: "Petey"

This has been Peterson's nickname dating back to his high school days and the time he spent playing football at McNeese State.

Tribute patch: TBD

Peterson will have an opportunity to fill his patch before Friday's game.

: "Dat Dude"

The back of the veteran infielder's jersey will be adorned with his popular Twitter handle, which he developed with encouragement from his mother and former All-Pro wide receiver Chad Johnson [formerly Chad Ochocinco]. Phillips says he can be both Dat Dude who is shy and reserved and Dat Dude who is wild and adventurous.

Tribute patch: TBD 

Phillips is expected to fill in his patch before Friday night's series opener.

: "Rami"

Though he spent the past two seasons as a mainstay in Atlanta's bullpen, the reliever says he didn't gain this as a nickname until this season.

Tribute patch: Silveria Mateo, Sito Ramirez

Ramirez will honor his parents by placing their names on his sleeve .

: Using last name

Tribute patch: To Everyone Who Has Believed in Me

The suburban Atlanta native will pay tribute to all of those who have remained in his corner on his roller-coaster journey since the Braves picked him in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft.

Manager Brian Snitker: "Snit"

This has been his nickname throughout the 40-plus years he's spent within the Braves' organization.

Tribute patch: Macon Ironmen

Snitker will pay tribute to his high school baseball team, which fell just short after an underdog Hoosiers-like attempt to win the Illinois state championship in 1971. The Braves' skipper was a sophomore on this team, which lost in the state finals.

: "Zuk"

This has been the catcher's primary nickname since he left his native Hawaii to play collegiate ball at Cal State Fullerton.

Tribute patch: Mom and Dad

"They were always there for me, making sure I got to all of my games and had the opportunity to come to [the mainland] to play a few times before college," Suzuki said. "I wouldn't be here without them."

Dansby Swanson: "Dans"

This nickname was chosen as a play on his name. It includes a portion of his Twitter handle (@LieutenantDans7).

Tribute patch: Family

The suburban Atlanta native has appreciated the chance to play in his hometown and regularly see his parents, who helped guide him on this journey to the Majors.

: "JT"

"I'm not sure why, but this is just what everyone around here has called me since I got to the Majors," Teheran said.

Tribute patch: Family

Like many other players, Teheran said he wants to recognize those who have supported him since his childhood.

: "Arodys"

Tribute patch: Mom

The Braves' closer will give thanks to the woman who gave birth to him and supported his journey to become a Major Leaguer.

These recently promoted players will have their last name on their jersey, and will have the opportunity to write something on their tribute patch before Friday's game:  and Daniel Winkler.