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Holiday 4-Packs

4-Packs Seating & Pricing

Holiday 4-Pack Set Plans

Our four pre-set 4-Packs include a guaranteed seat location for every game in your plan, plus give you access to some of this season's premier games in the form of rivalry matchups, weekend showdowns, All-Fan Giveaway games and more.

Price includes one ticket to four games. Standard shipping and handling fees apply. Advance parking packages also available.

Holiday 4-Pack Flex Plan

Build your own customized plan by selecting any four games from a list of 42 available choices. Plus, if you're not quite ready to commit to games just yet, or if you're giving this as a gift and don't know what games your recipient would prefer, you can opt to receive ticket vouchers which can be redeemed at a later date -- even up to the day of the game! Now that's what you call flexibility.

Please note that the Flex Plan does not include the same seat location for every game in your plan. If a guaranteed seat location is your #1 priority, please review our four pre-set plans.

Upgrade to a 10-Pack

Feeling like four games just might not be enough for you?

By upgrading to a Brewers 10-Pack, you can enjoy an even better seating location, even bigger savings on tickets, and Opening Day as your free 11th game -- all starting at just $160! Plus this season, the Flex 10-Pack gives you the freedom to choose your games as you go, as well as mix and match the number of tickets you use for each game. Click the link below to request more information about 2018 Brewers 10-Packs.

To talk to a Brewers staff member, please call 414-902-HITS (4487).