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Team Fredbird - Julia

About Julia: When she's not with Fredbird at Busch Stadium, Julia is working in Marketing at Panera Bread. When the team is out of town you can find her running around (literally)! Julia started her all-star track career in college and has continued to run up her success winning one marathon and four half marathons over the past couple years. Julia loves theme parties almost as much as she loves Fredbird.

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

High School: Incarnate Word Academy

College: University of Southern Indiana

Nicknames: Jules, JuJu, julio

Favorite Ballpark food: Pulled Pork Nachos

Look for Team Fredbird at every game! You'll find them shooting out tshirts, dancing on the dugouts, passing out prizes, and taking in the game. To book Team Fredbird email [email protected].