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Cheer at the Ballpark

How It Works


How It Works


More About Cheer at the Ballpark

What is Cheer at the Ballpark?

Cheer at the Ballpark allows fans to contribute to the atmosphere at Major League Baseball games from the comfort of their home using their phone, computer or any device with a web browser. Use Cheer at the Ballpark to share how you're feeling throughout your favorite team's games and see how other fans are reacting. Hear crowd noise from the stadium on the broadcast.

How can I access Cheer at the Ballpark?

Visit from your mobile device or computer.

What games can I Cheer for?

Every day, a different set of games will be Cheerable. This is a new feature that is being rolled out, and we expect to make it available for more and more games as the season progresses. Make sure to visit for the list of today's games where you can make your reactions heard!

Is Cheer at the Ballpark free?


How do my reactions in Cheer at the Ballpark affect the game?

Cheer at the Ballpark combines fan reactions for every moment during each game to determine what the ballpark should sound like. Just like the crowd noise you'd contribute in-person at your favorite ballpark, your contributions will help raise the intensity level and inspire the players!

How will I know my interactions in Cheer at the Ballpark are being heard by the players and other fans?

Watch and listen to the games to hear the crowd noise. Cheer at the Ballpark will also show the percentage of fans, by team, that are cheering.

How do the reactions in Cheer at the Ballpark translate to sounds heard in the ballpark?

The three types of reactions in Cheer at the Ballpark are used to understand crowd sentiment and translate to different sounds played at the park. For example, cheering in the feature may result in sounds like "Wooo!" "Let's go Team" and "Yeah!" Similarly, "Boo" can translate into sounds of disappointment like "Awww."

Should I hear cheers in the Cheer at the Ballpark webpage or just in the broadcast of the game?

The audio will come from the broadcast, not the Cheer at the Ballpark webpage.

Is there a limit to how many times I can tap clap, cheer, or boo?

No. Just like at the Ballpark you can clap, cheer, and boo as much as you want!

Why do I have to choose who I'm cheering for?

The team allegiance you choose, plus the type of noise you make, will be contributing factors to the equation that determine the fan noise played in the ballpark during the game.

Why do the intensity and crowd reactions not match what I'm hearing during my favorite team's game?

There are many variables that impact what the crowd noise you hear during the broadcast sounds like. Fan participation through Cheer at the Ballpark is one of those variables!

Why can I hear crowd noise for games that I can't cheer for?

While Cheer at the Ballpark may not be available for every game, home teams are still able to use their own methods of enhancing the in-game experience for broadcasts.

What minimum requirements are needed to access this feature?

Use this feature with a strong internet connection on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.