Who has MLB's top Pipeline? We rank 'em all, from 1 to 30

March 9th, 2024

We rank farm systems twice a year, and while we spend a lot of time breaking them down, evaluating the talents of 5,000 players across 30 different organizations is a fairly impossible task. We often joke that one team congratulates us on placing them perfectly, while the other 29 lament that we underestimated them.

Nevertheless, clubs that fare well in the system rankings tend to fare well on the diamond. Organizations with an abundance of highly rated talent on the way usually translate that into winning. Check out the systems that have earned No. 1 accolades since we began evaluating them before the 2015 season:

  • Cubs (pre-2015) -- won 2016 World Series, set franchise record with four straight playoff appearances (2015-18)
  • Red Sox (mid-2015) -- won 2018 World Series, tied franchise record with three straight playoff appearances (2016-18)
  • Dodgers (pre-2016) -- won 2020 World Series, set franchise record with 11 straight playoff appearances (2013 to date)
  • Brewers (mid-2016) -- set franchise record with four straight playoff appearances (2018-21)
  • Braves (pre-2017) -- won 2021 World Series, have made six straight playoff appearances (2018 to date)
  • White Sox (mid-2017) -- set franchise record with two straight playoff appearances (2020-21)
  • Padres (pre-2018 through mid-2019) -- made two playoff appearances in three years (2020, 2022)
  • Rays (pre-2020 through pre-2021) -- set franchise record with five straight playoff appearances (2019 to date)
  • Orioles (mid-2021 though pre-2024) -- won 101 games in 2023, most in 44 seasons

We based our rankings below on long-term Major League value, factoring in impact talent, depth, proximity to the big leagues and balance – both between position players and pitchers and between ceiling and floor. The numbers in parentheses indicate where prospects place on our Top 100 list.

1. Baltimore Orioles
2023 midseason rank: 1
2023 preseason rank: 1
2022 midseason rank: 1
2022 preseason rank: 1

Top 100 prospects: Jackson Holliday, SS/2B (No. 1); Samuel Basallo, C/1B (No. 17); Colton Cowser, OF (No. 19); Coby Mayo, 3B/1B (No. 30); Heston Kjerstad, OF (No. 32)

That’s six in a row now for the Orioles sitting atop these rankings, a run that started with our midseason ranking in 2021. Even with the graduations of top prospects each year (Gunnar Henderson being the latest), there’s still elite-level talent at the top, with five guys in the first 32 spots of our Top 100. Even the trade of a Top 100 guy (Joey Ortiz) didn’t dent them too much. How long they can continue this reign and win at the big league level remains to be seen. More »

2. Chicago Cubs
2023 midseason rank: 4
2023 preseason rank: 12
2022 midseason rank: 10
2022 preseason rank: 18

Top 100 prospects: Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF (No. 16); Cade Horton, RHP (No. 26); Owen Caissie, OF (No. 47); Michael Busch, INF (No. 51); Matt Shaw, SS/2B (No. 54); Kevin Alcántara, OF (No. 65); James Triantos, 2B (No. 73)

The Cubs haven't had this much prospect talent since they ranked No. 1 in 2015 with a system that helped them end their 108-year World Series drought the next season. This time around, they have much more pitching depth, which could help them build a longer-term contender. Four of their MLB-high seven Top 100 prospects arrived via trades (Crow-Armstrong, Caissie, Busch, Alcántara), while Horton and Shaw continue to boost their stock since being selected in the first round of the past two Drafts. More »

3. Milwaukee Brewers
2023 midseason rank: 3
2023 preseason rank: 15
2022 midseason rank: 19
2022 preseason rank: 25

Top 100 prospects: Jackson Chourio, OF (No. 2); Jacob Misiorowski, RHP (No. 33); Jeferson Quero, C (No. 35); Tyler Black, 3B/1B (No. 46); Joey Ortiz, INF (No. 63)

This is the Brewers’ best collection of Minor League talent since they topped the rankings in midseason 2016. The $82 million man Chourio has superstar potential, while Quero, Black and the recently acquired Ortiz build out a robust Top 100 hitting contingent. On the pitching side, Misiorowski has some of the most wicked stuff in the Minors if he can control it better, while Robert Gasser and Carlos F. Rodriguez should contribute to MLB depth in 2024. It’s a well-rounded, well-staggered group too, with Luis Lara, Cooper Pratt and Yophery Rodriguez potentially taking the torch when the others graduate. More »

4. San Diego Padres
2023 midseason rank: 9
2023 preseason rank: 23
2022 midseason rank: 28
2022 preseason rank: 17

Top 100 prospects: Ethan Salas, C (No. 8); Jackson Merrill, SS/OF (No. 12); Robby Snelling, LHP (No. 36); Dylan Lesko, RHP (No. 56); Drew Thorpe, RHP (No. 85)

So much for the Juan Soto trade depletion. The Padres have kept their pipeline infused with talent since that 2022 blockbuster through the Draft, international additions, trades (like the most recent Soto deal) and internal development. The debate as to whether Salas or Merrill is the better prospect rages on, while the 2022 Draft in particular brought a loaded group of Snelling, Lesko, Adam Mazur, Graham Pauley and Jakob Marsee, among others. Recent international signee Leodalis De Vries is prepared to follow the Salas path and join the Top 100 before long. More »

5. Detroit Tigers
2023 midseason rank: 13
2023 preseason rank: 25
2022 midseason rank: 22
2022 preseason rank: 10

Top 100 prospects: Max Clark, OF (No. 13); Colt Keith, 3B/2B (No. 22); Jackson Jobe, RHP (No. 25); Jace Jung, 2B/3B (No. 60)

There were a ton of up arrows in the Tigers’ system in 2023, starting with looks at what both Keith and Jobe can be when fully healthy. Jung was the power hitter that was expected out of college, and Parker Meadows pushed to become a starting center fielder after years of development. The Tigers added long-term ceiling in the Draft with prep batters Clark and Kevin McGonigle – two prospects who could be the face of the farm for years. More »

6. Tampa Bay Rays
2023 midseason rank: 7
2023 preseason rank: 6
2022 midseason rank: 8
2022 preseason rank: 3

Top 100 prospects: Junior Caminero, 3B/SS (No. 4); Carson Williams, SS (No. 20); Curtis Mead, 3B/2B (No. 55); Xavier Isaac, 1B (No. 58)

The Rays are at their best and deepest on the infield with each of their five top prospects playing on the dirt. Caminero’s rapid ascent to the Majors last summer helped give Tampa Bay a potential star near the top of the overall rankings too. Somewhat surprisingly given the organization’s reputation, it’s a group that’s a little light on arms; no pitchers are ranked among the Rays’ top eight spots. But don’t rule out Santiago Suarez, Yoniel Curet or Jose Urbina taking a nice jump in 2024. More »

7. Texas Rangers
2023 midseason rank: 10
2023 preseason rank: 7
2022 midseason rank: 6
2022 preseason rank: 9

Top 100 prospects: Evan Carter, OF (No. 5); Wyatt Langford, OF (No. 6); Sebastian Walcott, SS (No. 71); Brock Porter, RHP (No. 88)

No organization features a better pair of prospects than the defending World Series champions with Carter and Langford, both of whom could make the Opening Day lineup. The system had a banner year in 2023, producing Josh Jung (the first Ranger to start the All-Star Game as a rookie), postseason hero Carter and three Top 100-caliber prospects (Luisangel Acuña, Tekoah Roby, Thomas Saggese) used in trades for Jordan Montgomery, Max Scherzer and Chris Stratton. Getting former Top 100 pitching prospects Kumar Rocker (Tommy John surgery), Jack Leiter (mechanical and command issues) and Owen White (downturn in stuff and strikes) back on track would help Texas sustain success. More »

8. Los Angeles Dodgers
2023 midseason rank: 6
2023 preseason rank: 2
2022 midseason rank: 2
2022 preseason rank: 5

Top 100 prospects: Dalton Rushing, C/1B (No. 75); Nick Frasso, RHP (No. 80)

No organization marries winning and development better than the Dodgers, who have won 100 or more games for four straight seasons, reached the playoffs for 11 consecutive years and still have a deep system despite graduating Top 100 prospects Bobby Miller, Miguel Vargas and Emmet Sheehan to the Majors along with James Outman (third in National League Rookie of the Year Award voting) in 2023. They have more prospects ready to contribute this year (outfielder Andy Pages, right-handers River Ryan, Gavin Stone and Kyle Hurt) and plenty more on the way behind them. More »

9. Pittsburgh Pirates
2023 midseason rank: 2
2023 preseason rank: 8
2022 midseason rank: 7
2022 preseason rank: 7

Top 100 prospects: Paul Skenes, RHP (No. 3); Termarr Johnson, 2B (No. 44); Jared Jones, RHP (No. 62); Anthony Solometo, LHP (No. 82); Bubba Chandler, RHP (No. 93)

If you’re looking for arms, you’ve come to the right place. It obviously starts with Skenes, the No. 1 overall pick from last year’s Draft, who will start the year in the Minors but shouldn’t be there long. But it runs much deeper than that with three additional pitchers on the Top 100, six of the team’s top seven prospects and 10 of the top 15 all hoping to toe the rubber at PNC Park in the future. More »

10. Cincinnati Reds
2023 midseason rank: 5
2023 preseason rank: 5
2022 midseason rank: 4
2022 preseason rank: 15

Top 100 prospects: Noelvi Marte, 3B/SS (No. 21); Rhett Lowder, RHP (No. 34); Edwin Arroyo, SS (No. 67); Connor Phillips, RHP (No. 70); Chase Petty, RHP, (No. 98)

The youth movement seems to be turning things around in Cincinnati faster than many expected, with a number of products from the system helping the team finish over .500 after a jump of 20 wins from 2022 last season. There’s more help on the way, with last year’s first-rounder Lowder the kind of advanced college arm who could very well help out the rotation this season. The depth in this system stands out as much as the Top 100 guys. More »

11. New York Yankees
2023 midseason rank: 21
2023 preseason rank: 13
2022 midseason rank: 12
2022 preseason rank: 13

Top 100 prospects: Jasson Domínguez, OF (No. 41); Spencer Jones, OF (No. 84); Roderick Arias, SS (No. 86); Chase Hampton, RHP (No. 92)

Despite criticism last summer that the Yankees rely too much on analytics in player development, their system has been productive and contributed to a streak of six consecutive playoff appearances that ended in 2023. Last year, Anthony Volpe won a Gold Glove as a rookie shortstop, Clarke Schmidt finally cracked the big league rotation and Domínguez homered four times in eight games before blowing out his elbow. Austin Wells could be the club's primary catcher this year, and right-handers Chase Hampton and Will Warren -- two prime examples of the Yankees scoring big with mid-round pitching picks -- also could play roles in New York. More »

12. Washington Nationals
2023 midseason rank: 8
2023 preseason rank: 10
2022 midseason rank: 15
2022 preseason rank: 23

Top 100 prospects: Dylan Crews, OF (No. 7); James Wood, OF (No. 14); Brady House, 3B (No. 48)

It’s all about ceiling in the Nationals’ ongoing rebuild. Golden Spikes Award winner Crews brings true five-tool potential to the system as the No. 2 overall pick, and his competition with 70-grade power hitter Wood for the future of Washington’s center field should be fascinating. House climbed three levels after recovering from a back issue, and Elijah Green, Daylen Lile, Robert Hassell III and Cristhian Vaquero bring interesting (yet flawed) profiles to the outfield corps. The pitching side is more complicated, beginning with Cade Cavalli’s Tommy John return, adding to the boom-or-bust feel. More »

13. New York Mets
2023 midseason rank: 11
2023 preseason rank: 11
2022 midseason rank: 14
2022 preseason rank: 20

Top 100 prospects: Jett Williams, SS/OF (No. 45); Drew Gilbert, OF (No. 53); Luisangel Acuña, SS/2B (No. 66); Ryan Clifford, OF/1B (No. 97)

Seven of the Mets’ Top 13 prospects – including three Top 100 talents in Gilbert, Acuña and Clifford – were Trade Deadline additions last year, giving the system a new coat of paint. On the more immediate front, upper-level pitchers Christian Scott, Blade Tidwell and Mike Vasil could contribute to the Major League club’s starting depth this summer. The Mets may lack a Top 40 prospect, but the overall and improved depth gives them a spot in the upper half of our rankings. More »

14. Boston Red Sox
2023 midseason rank: 16
2023 preseason rank: 16
2022 midseason rank: 11
2022 preseason rank: 14

Top 100 prospects: Marcelo Mayer, SS (No. 15); Roman Anthony, OF (No. 24); Kyle Teel, C (No. 40); Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (No. 76)

The Red Sox system is markedly stronger in hitters than pitchers. Rafaela could win their center-field job this spring, Mayer could reach Boston later this year and Anthony and Teel could arrive in 2025. But a team that has finished in last place in the American League East while also finishing in the bottom five in the AL in ERA during three of the previous four years counts just one arm -- right-hander Wikelman Gonzalez, who did lead the Minors in strikeout rate (13.6 per nine innings) -- among its 10 best prospects. More »

15. Minnesota Twins
2023 midseason rank: 17
2023 preseason rank: 19
2022 midseason rank: 23
2022 preseason rank: 19

Top 100 prospects: Walker Jenkins, OF (No. 10); Brooks Lee, SS (No. 18); Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF (No. 42); Gabriel Gonzalez, OF (No. 79)

With the addition of Jenkins as the No. 5 pick in last year’s Draft and Gonzalez via a trade with the Mariners, the Twins now have a pretty exciting quartet of hitters atop their Top 30 list. The organization has also done a very nice job of building some pitching depth by finding big league talent in later rounds, a group led by No. 5 prospect David Festa, a 13th-round pick back in 2021. More »

16. Arizona Diamondbacks
2023 midseason rank: 12
2023 preseason rank: 3
2022 midseason rank: 5
2022 preseason rank: 4

Top 100 prospects: Jordan Lawlar, SS (No. 11); Tommy Troy, SS (No. 74); Druw Jones, OF (No. 78)

The D-backs graduated Corbin Carroll and Brandon Pfaadt on their way to a National League pennant, and you won’t find anyone in the organization complaining about that. But it does cause a dip in these rankings. Lawlar could make a bigger impact than he did as a postseason bench player, and if the group can get 2022 No. 2 overall pick Jones back on track offensively, it could have another superstar climbing toward the desert. But that remains a big if. More »

17. San Francisco Giants
2023 midseason rank: 14
2023 preseason rank: 17
2022 midseason rank: 18
2022 preseason rank: 11

Top 100 prospects: Kyle Harrison, LHP (No. 23); Marco Luciano, SS (No. 39); Carson Whisenhunt, LHP (No. 83); Bryce Eldridge, OF/1B (No. 96)

San Francisco's top two prospects, Harrison and Luciano, could make the Opening Day roster after debuting in the big leagues a year ago. While the Giants have gotten little out of their first-round picks since hitting on Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey and Zack Wheeler from 2006-09, they had a very promising Draft last July (Eldridge, shortstops Walker Martin and Maui Ahuna, left-hander Joe Whitman). They also landed a potential impact player in the 2023 international class with Dominican outfielder Rayner Arias. More »

18. Seattle Mariners
2023 midseason rank: 19
2023 preseason rank: 24
2022 midseason rank: 24
2022 preseason rank: 2

Top 100 prospects: Cole Young, SS/2B (No. 37); Harry Ford, C (No. 38); Colt Emerson, SS/2B (No. 87)

After creating a pitching pipeline that has helped form key cogs of the Major League staff, the strength of the system has switched to bats. All three of the Mariners’ Top 100 guys are high school hitters drafted in the last three years. Right behind them are a pair of exciting position players acquired via the international market in Lazaro Montes and Felnin Celesten. The first pitcher doesn’t show up on the Top 30 until No. 11 (Emerson Hancock) and a firm majority (17) of the Top 30 are hitters. More »

19. Cleveland Guardians
2023 midseason rank: 15
2023 preseason rank: 4
2022 midseason rank: 3
2022 preseason rank: 12

Top 100 prospects: Chase DeLauter, OF (No. 31); Kyle Manzardo, 1B (No. 59); Brayan Rocchio, SS/2B (No. 91); Daniel Espino, RHP (No. 100)

After setting a record for an American or National League division or league champion by having 17 rookies make their big league debuts in 2022 and graduating five present or former Top 100 prospects to the Majors last year, the Guardians are replenishing their system. Manzardo and Rocchio could crack the Opening Day lineup and DeLauter isn't much further away. Known for producing pitching, Cleveland is a bit light on arms at this point and could use a return to health by Espino, who ranked among the game's best mound prospects before knee and shoulder issues. More »

20. Chicago White Sox
2023 midseason rank: 20
2023 preseason rank: 26
2022 midseason rank: 26
2022 preseason rank: 30

Top 100 prospects: Colson Montgomery, SS (No. 9); Noah Schultz, LHP (No. 50)

The White Sox face an arduous rebuilding task following their worst season since 1970, but they did add significant prospect talent last year. Seventeen of their Top 30 Prospects weren't in the organization at the start of 2023. They grabbed shortstop Jacob Gonzalez, right-handers Grant Taylor and Seth Keener and outfielder George Wolkow in the Draft before adding seven prospects at the Trade Deadline, most notably catcher Edgar Quero, righty Nick Nastrini and left-hander Jake Eder. New GM Chris Getz has been busy since taking over in late August, claiming righty Alex Speas on waivers, selecting lefty Shane Drohan in the Rule 5 Draft and swinging deals for outfielders Dominic Fletcher and Zach DeLoach and righty Prelander Berroa. More »

21. Colorado Rockies
2023 midseason rank: 18
2023 preseason rank: 14
2022 midseason rank: 9
2022 preseason rank: 24

Top 100 prospects: Adael Amador, SS/2B (No. 28); Chase Dollander, RHP (No. 52); Yanquiel Fernandez, OF (No. 72); Jordan Beck, OF (No. 81)

This continues to be a hitting-heavy system, with 12 of the top 13 in this year’s Top 30 being bats. The top of that group shows that the Rockies have done a nice job with the Draft (Beck and Sterlin Thompson) and internationally (Amador and Fernandez). Dollander leads the pitching group as last year’s first-round pick and the Rockies are trying to develop more pitching without trying to typecast what kind of arm will work at Coors Field. More »

22. Philadelphia Phillies
2023 midseason rank: 23
2023 preseason rank: 21
2022 midseason rank: 25
2022 preseason rank: 26

Top 100 prospects: Andrew Painter, RHP (No. 27); Mick Abel, RHP (No. 49); Aidan Miller, 3B/SS (No. 61); Justin Crawford, OF (No. 77)

The system will obviously be buoyed by the return of Painter post-TJ surgery in 2025, but there’s still some very interesting talent here. It’s highlighted by the young hitters after the top two arms in the system, with Miller and Crawford the club’s past two first-rounders in the Draft and Starlyn Caba a big-time pick to click. Abel and reliever Orion Kerkering, who raced through the entire system and landed on the playoff roster, are arms who could make larger contributions to the big league staff. More »

23. St. Louis Cardinals
2023 midseason rank: 22
2023 preseason rank: 9
2022 midseason rank: 13
2022 preseason rank: 16

Top 100 prospects: Masyn Winn, SS (No. 43); Tink Hence, RHP (No. 64); Tekoah Roby, RHP (No. 99)

The Cardinals remade their farm system at last year’s Trade Deadline – the acquisitions of Roby and Thomas Saggese particularly stand out – but there are still familiar faces in Winn, Hence and Victor Scott II occupying three of the top four spots in our rankings. While the depth of the group is improved, the farm still lacks high-ceiling types, keeping in the lower-third here. More »

24. Toronto Blue Jays
2023 midseason rank: 25
2023 preseason rank: 25
2022 midseason rank: 20
2022 preseason rank: 21

Top 100 prospects: Ricky Tiedemann, LHP (No. 29); Orelvis Martinez, INF (No. 89)

Tiedemann’s stuff is arguably the best among Minor League left-handers and Martinez provides tremendous power right now at just 22 years old. But that’s where the true excitement perhaps ends. The rest of the Toronto system relies on hope – that Arjun Nimmala irons out early contact concerns, that Brandon Barriera can be healthy and that someone else can take a significant and much-needed jump toward the Top 100. More »

25. Oakland Athletics
2023 midseason rank: 26
2023 preseason rank: 22
2022 midseason rank: 17
2022 preseason rank: 22

Top 100 prospects: Jacob Wilson, SS (No. 68)

As the A’s continue to lean on young talent to turn things around at the big league level, that can take a toll on a farm system. Case in point, eight prospects who were in the top half of the club’s Top 30 a year ago have graduated and will be mainstays on the Major League roster in 2024. Expect the farm system to keep funneling guys up to the big leagues, with guys like Mason Miller, Darell Hernaiz and Joe Boyle getting an extended look at the highest level. More »

26. Atlanta Braves
2023 midseason rank: 27
2023 preseason rank: 30
2022 midseason rank: 27
2022 preseason rank: 27

Top 100 prospects: AJ Smith-Shawver, RHP (No. 69); Hurston Waldrep, RHP (No. 90)

Competing annually atop the NL East and deep into October makes it challenging to maintain a super-deep farm system. But the Braves do keep getting guys to the big leagues and the farm system keeps supplying trade chips to keep the good times rolling in Atlanta. The top of this system is very arm heavy, with the pair of Top 100 pitchers who should impact the Major League staff in 2024. Ten of the top 15 (including all of the top 5) are hurlers. More »

27. Houston Astros
2023 midseason rank: 30
2023 preseason rank: 27
2022 midseason rank: 30
2022 preseason rank: 29

Top 100 prospects: None

The Astros could argue that system rankings don't matter. Since we expanded ours to include all 30 organizations four years ago, they've never finished better than 27th, yet have extended their streak of American League Championship Series appearances to seven and seasons with at least one player getting a Rookie of the Year vote to five. They're the lone club without a Top 100 prospect on our current list, though outfielder Jacob Melton is close after 23 homers and 46 steals in his first full pro season. Right-hander Spencer Arrighetti and outfielder Joey Loperfido could be the next unsung farmhands to contribute to a Houston playoff drive. More »

28. Kansas City Royals
2023 midseason rank: 29
2023 preseason rank: 29
2022 midseason rank: 21
2022 preseason rank: 8

Top 100 prospects: Blake Mitchell, C (No. 94)

A lot of the Royals’ Top 30 focus is on the 2023 Draft, starting at the No. 1 spot with first-rounder Mitchell. The overall class contributed six players to the Top 30, as much a sign of how much Kansas City needed farm depth as anything. Strong performances from international signees Yandel Ricardo and Ramon Ramirez could give the Royals the higher ceiling their system could really use. More »

29. Miami Marlins
2023 midseason rank: 24
2023 preseason rank: 18
2022 midseason rank: 16
2022 preseason rank: 6

Top 100 prospects: Noble Meyer, RHP (No. 57)

The Marlins have had much more success developing pitchers than hitters and graduated one of their best mound prospects ever (Eury Pérez) to the big leagues. They spent their top two selections in the 2023 Draft and $8.6 million on the best high school arm (Meyer) and the top left-hander (Thomas White) available. Their biggest recent investments in bats have not gone well, with JJ Bleday and shortstop Kahlil Watson disappointing before getting traded, and corner infielder Jacob Berry, middle infielder Yiddi Cappe and catcher Joe Mack struggling much more than anticipated. More »

30. Los Angeles Angels
2023 midseason rank: 28
2023 preseason rank: 28
2022 midseason rank: 30
2022 preseason rank: 28

Top 100 prospects: Nolan Schanuel, 1B (No. 95)

The Angels get their top prospects to the big leagues so fast, it’s kind of hard to rank the system. Zach Neto made it to the big leagues the April after being drafted in 2022. Schanuel is still a ranked prospect, but after debuting in the same summer that he joined the organization, he won’t be on there for long. There are some interesting far-away talents – largely acquired via international signing periods – to keep an eye on here, starting with No. 2 prospect Nelson Rada. More »