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Here are 10 adorable ballpark babies to help get you through the long, cold offseason

10 ballpark babies to get you through the offseason

It seems like just yesterday that our cup runneth over with postseason goodness, from Jose Bautista bat flipping to the Royals running all over the place. Alas, all good things must come to an end -- now, we find ourselves in the wilderness of the offseason, with no baseball in sight: Petco Park is a golf course. People are playing football at Fenway

How will the baseball world make it through the cold winter months? By banding together as one and looking at lots of photos of adorable ballpark babies, of course. Like, for example, this baby, who is apparently best friends with Billy the Marlin:

Marlins baby


Red Sox fan

Or this baby, whose interaction with Mike Trout will probably make him a baseball superhero in 20 years:

Trout baby

One Reds baby demanded that he be covered entirely in Reds merchandise:

Reds baby

This young Padres fan, meanwhile, made some ... different fashion choices:

Padres baby

Impressive, no doubt. But this Braves baby, who might actually be Simba, kindly asks you to get on his level:

Braves baby

Elsewhere at Great American Ball Park, this tiny Reds fan has no interest in your interview and would just like that foul ball, thanks:

Reds fan

Sadly, this A's baby seems slightly less enthused by the prospect of a souvenir:

Cubs fan

This Mariners fan, however, is just having the best time:

Mariners fan

Shhhh! You wouldn't want to wake this sleeping Cubs fan:

Cubs baby

And if all of that cuteness should somehow fail, just remember: 93 days until pitchers and catchers report!