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Your new favorite photo album is the top 10 MLB player Instagram posts of 2015

One of the most pleasant things about going home for the holidays is looking through photo albums of years past. That's what we're about to do … but, you know, with pictures of baseball players instead of pictures of ourselves with really embarrassing bowl cuts. Without further ado, it's the best MLB player Instagram posts of 2015.

10. Enrique Hernandez loves bananas

������ #Minions #HappyFlight #WinningIsFun @yungjoc650 @redturn2

A video posted by Kike Hernandez (@kikehndez) on

Based on this video, you might assume that Justin Turner and Joc Pederson like bananas as much as Enrique Hernandez. But look deeper at the Dodgers utility player's Instagram account -- it's really just a way for him to chronicle his epic love for potassium-heavy fruits.

9. Daniel Norris and his van

Happy Valentine's Day from me & mine. ���� #vanlife #together4ever - shot by @low_pez for @vice

A photo posted by Daniel Norris (@danielnorris18) on

2015 was the year we met Daniel Norris, and the year he opened our eyes to this thing called #vanlife.

8. Justin Verlander's sneaky selfie

Love having my fans support!! This little guy was pretty surprised when he turned around.

A photo posted by Justin Verlander (@justinverlander) on

In this photo from March of this year, Justin Verlander captured the moment right before what we assume was a pretty wonderful surprise.

 7. Kris Bryant's cheetah selfie

Cheetah selfie!

A photo posted by Kris Bryant (@kris_bryant17) on

In which Kris Bryant does his best impression of a cheetah's facial expression and we all applaud its accuracy.

6. Noah Syndergaard embraces New York

Yay sports!

A photo posted by Noah Syndergaard (@nsyndergaard) on

Just after the World Series concluded, Mets pitcher/Asgardian Noah "Thor" Syndergaard spent some time getting acquainted with the New York City outside of Citi Field, opening his arms to other sports teams and even Saturday Night Live.

5. Salvador Perez and Lorenzo Cain get cozy on a luggage carousel

Salvy and Lo Cain have an unbreakable bond and it's very heartwarming to see that confirmed by their recreation of a certain well-known John Lennon and Yoko Ono album cover.

4. Bryce Harper hangs out with Mac Harper

During Spring Training, Bryce Harper met his biggest little fan (who happens to share his last name).

3. Curtis Granderson follows Lucas Duda

Video cred: @cgrand3 As Curtis says "the Duda man getting ready for the game" #mets

A video posted by Lucas Duda (@wefollowlucasduda) on

Early in the 2015 season, Curtis Granderson started observing Lucas Duda and sharing his daily movements with us as though he was David Attenborough filming a rare and beautiful animal. Even the offseason couldn't stop him -- well, not as long as he had Legos.

2. Hunter Pence is a loveable nerd

It's levio...SAAAAAAA!

A photo posted by Hunter Pence (@hunterpence) on

Hunter Pence loves video games. Hunter Pence can put together a great Halloween costume. And, as you can see above, Hunter Pence is a wizard (that explains a lot, actually).

1. Johnny Cueto is on a horse

Johnny Cueto is on a horse! Is there a more majestic image to end your year on?